head shot of a blue himalayan cat with steel blue eyes

The Himalayan Cat – A Guide

Himalayan cats or ‘Himmies’ are basically a hybrid of Siamese and Persian cats. These beautiful cats are blessed with a silky, long coat that resembles …
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Ragdoll Cat Breed Profile

Are you considering a cuddly little ragdoll for adoption? Then, congratulations! You have a lot of fun and snuggle time in store for you.  Ragdolls are …
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close up of a grey scottish fold kitten lying in sphinx pose on a bed

15 Weirdest Looking Cat Breeds

Who doesn’t love a cat that looks cute and adorable? Apart from looks, cats comprise affectionate and doting personalities. Their personality traits like sociability and …
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close up portrait of the face of a grey korat cat with amber eyes

9 Popular Grey Cat Breeds.

Cats are adorable, no matter what color they are. But grey cats are a little more popular than others and are often preferred as domestic …
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