a spotted and striped brown and black tabby cat eating from a bowl outdoors in Greece

Why Do Cats Go Off Their Food?

Why do cats go off their food? The reasons are diverse but usually, come down to health issues, problems with the food or the way it is presented, and age. We will investigate these issues in …
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five weaned feral kittens on a street in a gang

Will Bleach Keep Stray Cats Away?

Will bleach keep stray cats away? Bleach is not really recognized as a cat deterrent. In some circumstances, it can contribute to helping deter cats but in other situations, it may actually make things worse! Let’s see …
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close up of a grey tabby cat eating a saucer of chunky wet food

Can Cats Eat Cold Wet Food?

Can cats eat cold wet food? Is it even worth trying to feed them cold food from the refrigerator? The answer is that cats can eat cold wet food. They just won’t find it as appealing …
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young white cat drinking from glass of water

Why Does My Cat Drink Out Of My Cup?

Why does my cat drink out of my cup? They have a bowl of their own, what is going on? Well, either they prefer your water, have a problem with their bowl, have learned directly from …
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two weaned kittens play fighting together

When Can Kittens Leave Their Mom?

When can kittens leave their mom? In truth, at any time, but to achieve their greatest chance of being a fully developed cat both socially and physically they should remain with their mother until 12 weeks …
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three kittens in straw

Mother Cat Sitting On Kittens

Why is my cat sitting on her kittens? This is a common question for cat guardians who have a cat with a litter. The answer is usually related to the lack of availability of space available …
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kitten rubbing teeth

Kittens Separated From Mother Too Early

Are kittens separated from mother too early at a disadvantage? Generally speaking, they are but they may be able to go on and live good lives provided they are given a decent upbringing. The interaction with …
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a mother cat lying down on a fluffy blanket with two very young kittens

Should I Let My Cat Move Her Kittens?

Should I let my cat move her kittens? In most cases, you should.  Mother cats have great maternal instincts compared to many animals. Your mama cat is acting naturally out of instinct and may be able …
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a grey cat with green eyes biting down on a hand petting her

Why Does My Cat Randomly Bite And Attack Me?

Why does my cat randomly bite me? The main motivations for your cat attacking you are either because they are bored and want the mental stimulation, they are showing you affection, they are seeking attention from …
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close up of a badass tabby cat snarling at an unseen foe

Do Cats Fight To The Death?

Do cats fight to the death? No, they don’t. Usually, they escalate confrontation till one or the other retreats accepting their lack of strength or dominance over the other. But, that is not to say that …
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tabby cat biting a hand gently in warning

Why Does My Cat Gently Bite Me?

Why does my cat gently bite me? Well, a soft bite is usually neither defensive nor aggressive. Your cat is either giving you a love bite and showing affection, simply trying to get your attention because …
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a grey cat with green eyes biting down on a hand petting her

Why Does My Cat Bite Me When I Pet Her?

Why does my cat bite me when I pet her? Usually, it is either affectionate, an example of petting aggression, or a defensive bite. Is there anything you can do to avoid these bites? There is. …
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close up of a grey cats planted open paw with claws fully extended

I Stepped On Cat’s Paw!

I stepped on my cat’s paw – what should I do? First off, don’t panic. These things happen, especially with cats that have a tendency to get under feet! First off, observe how your cat moves. …
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close up of a cat drinking from a large dish tongue out

Can Cats Drink Cold Water?

Can cats drink cold water? Yes, they can and in most instances, they prefer cold water. Cats associate cold water with freshness and cleanliness so are more inclined to drink cold water and will most likely …
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ginger tabby cat spraying and marking territory

How To Stop A Cat From Spraying In The House

Do you need to know how to stop a cat from spraying in the house? The simple solutions to this problem include resolving medical issues with the cat, neutering or spaying if not completed already, de-stressing …
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grey cat relaxing on orange sofa

Cat Peed On Couch – Why?

Has your cat peed on the couch suddenly or in front of you? Why have they done that? The most likely reason for their inappropriate urination is that they either have a medical issue, a territorial …
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gray cat enjoying fresh catnip

How Much Catnip Is Too Much For Cats?

How much catnip is too much for cats? For some, no matter how much you give them they have no reaction to this herb. For others who react wildly, it doesn’t matter how much you give …
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two cats running playfully through a house going hyper

Why Do Cats Pant When Playing

Why do cats pant when playing? Because they have stressed their body with physical exertion beyond the normal levels and need to increase their respiration rate to oxygenate their blood and feed their muscles to allow …
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portrait of a calico kitten with amber eyes

Why Are Calico Cats Rare?

Why are calico cats rare? It is all in their genes. Read on to find out why these cats are so special and unusual compared to other cats. What Is Special About Calico Cats? Calico cats are special …
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close up profile shot of a calico persian cat indoors

15 Thought Provoking Calico Cat Facts

You don’t see calico cats every day. They are a little bit unusual and, with their bright colors, that makes them special! But do you know they are not just colorful cats – there is more …
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seal point siamese cat with blue eyes lounging on cat tree

8 Types Of Siamese Cat

If you’re looking for a pet that will stick by your side at all times, we suggest getting a siamese cat.  These little furry felines are easy to maintain and will ask for more attention than your …
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portrait of a grey chartreaux cat in sitting pose in a modern living room

A Guide To The Chartreux Cat Breed

Do you want to invest in something that will provide you with years of cuddles and company? Then, get yourself the Chartreux Cat! Chartreux cats are lively like any other cat, yet their peaceful demeanor will …
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siamese cat hunting in garden

Why Is My Cat Hunting So Much?

Is your cat suddenly hunting more? Do you have a cat that hunts more than other cats you have kept in the past, more than other cats in the household, or more than your neighbor’s cats? …
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a grey cat getting ready to pounce

How Do I Stop My Cat From Killing Wildlife?

Most domestic cats hunt – some more successfully than others. Most cat owners who allow their feline friends to venture outdoors and hunt have been gifted with small “presents” in the past. Finding these items of …
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close up of a grey tabby cat eating a saucer of chunky wet food

Why Do Cats Stop Eating Suddenly?

Cats are usually creatures of habit but they can get bored like ourselves. Has your cat just stopped eating out of the blue? Has it become obvious enough that you have noticed a sudden stop in …
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a black cat in amongst garden ferns

Are Ferns Toxic To Cats?

Ferns are popular house and garden plants. They offer evergreen foliage that can brighten up shaded and dark areas as well as bright rooms. They are a popular choice for many householders because they tend to …
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an orange tabby american shorthair cat in sphinx pose

The American Shorthair Cat Breed

The American Shorthair is the perfect breed for those who want a devoted cat but not an overly demanding one. Descended from the domestic shorthair cats in Europe, these cats are extremely friendly and affectionate. Adopting an …
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a havana brown cat in sphinx pose on a windowsill

A Guide To The Havana Brown Cat

The Havana Brown is a gorgeous brown-hued shorthaired cat developed as a result of breeding between Siamese and domestic black cats. Popular for their attractive brown coat and playful nature, these cats are one of the most …
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Crouching grey russian blue cat with green eyes

The Russian Blue Cat Breed – A Guide

Russian Blues aren’t your usual house cats. They’re what we call ‘introverts’ in the cat world. But worry not, once a Russian Blue cat feels comfortable with its surroundings- there’s nothing sweeter than having her around! …
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grey burmese cat with green eyes lying on cream bedding staring to distance

The Burmese Cat Breed – What To Expect.

“Brick wrapped in silk.” That is exactly what Burmese cat owners will tell you if you ask them about the breed. The expressive eyes and sweet expression combined with silky smooth fur truly make these cats …
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an orange and white turkish van cat climbing over a fence

A Guide To The Turkish Van Cat

The naturally occurring Turkish Van cat is an ancient breed originating in modern-day Turkey, where they are intensely adored. Distinguished by their strong, sizeable bodies and their love of swimming, the Turkish Van also stands out …
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calico cat rubbing face on garden pot

How Do Cats Show Dominance – 3 Types Of Signals!

Cats are territorial creatures and have to show dominance to other cats on occasion to maintain their position in the local pecking order. How do cats show dominance? They use verbal, physical, and territorial signals.  Cats looking …
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an orange and white cat and a grey cat circling for a fight one hissing the other looking large

Are Orange Tabby Cats Aggressive?

Have you got an orange cat? Do you find them to be aggressive? Are orange tabby cats aggressive by nature? These are some of the common questions that come up about orange-colored cats. It is almost …
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orange british shorthair cat lying on a wooden garden table in a sphynx pose on a sunny evening

The British Shorthair Cat

If you’re looking for a pedigree breed that’s handsome, calm, low-maintenance, and undemanding, the British Shorthair cat is a great choice. You shouldn’t mistake their undemanding nature as being less affectionate. The breed is extremely friendly …
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close up of the face of a silver and grey scottish fold cat lying head on paws

The Scottish Fold Cat: A Guide To The Breed

If you’re interested in adopting a new member of the family, the Scottish Fold cat would be a terrific choice.    Popular for its sweet temper and attentive nature, this cat can make an excellent everyday companion. Also …
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