9 Popular Grey Cat Breeds.

Cats are adorable, no matter what color they are. But grey cats are a little more popular than others and are often preferred as domestic …
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beef steak

Can Cats Eat Beef?

How many times have you put food in your cat’s bowl only to have them turn up their nose at you, turn around, flick their …
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ice cream

Can Cats Eat Ice Cream?

Was it a long day at the office? You turn on Netflix and crash on the couch after dinner, looking forward to the evening’s premiere. …
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Can Cats Eat Chocolate?

Are you enjoying a chocolate bar while lying on the couch? As you watch your favorite show, your cat decides to join you on the …
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cat eats raw chicken

Can Cats Eat Raw Chicken?

It’s Tuesday night, and you’re in the kitchen prepping some chicken for your world-famous alfredo. As you dice the cutlets, you notice your cat wander …
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Is My Cat Part Siamese?

Siamese cats have one of the most striking appearances of any house cat. Its dark face and light fur are immediately identifiable characteristics of this …
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cat eating fish

Can Cats Just Eat Fish?

We all grew up watching cartoons of cats like Heathcliff, chasing after fish. It’s unclear how the cat and fish connection as its favorite food …
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Can Cats Kill Each Other?

Have you ever witnessed a catfight? It’s quite the sight to behold. The involved cats can be very vocal and are clearly armed and dangerous …
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