Is My Cat Part Siamese?

Siamese cats have one of the most striking appearances of any house cat. Its dark face and light fur are immediately identifiable characteristics of this …
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cat eating fish

Can Cats Just Eat Fish?

We all grew up watching cartoons of cats like Heathcliff, chasing after fish. It’s unclear how the cat and fish connection as its favorite food …
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Can Cats Kill Each Other?

Have you ever witnessed a catfight? It’s quite the sight to behold. The involved cats can be very vocal and are clearly armed and dangerous …
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How To Force Feed A Cat

Has your kitty stopped eating? Do you need to know how to force feed a cat? Cats can’t go long without eating. Cats that develop …
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Is Incense Bad For Cats?

Are you a fan of burning incense at home? This aromatic meditation and prayer accessory has a long history of use, extending back to some …
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Why Do Cats Pant?

Is your kitty suddenly trying to imitate your dog by panting? What’s going on? Yes, it’s a thing; cat’s really pant. Unlike your dog that pants after …
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