Side profile of a Young Blue Point Siamese Cat with blue eyes staring at unseen object with brick wall in background

10 Interesting Facts About Blue Point Siamese Cats

Blue point siamese cats are one of the original four official colorpoints of the Siamese cat breed. Their distinctive color points make them one of the most recognizable cats in the world. Read on to learn more about this remarkable cat…

Siamese cats have been on this earth for centuries, but they only got official recognition in 1934. Ever since then, this breed has been very well known. 

Blue point Siamese cats are highly coveted when it comes to Siamese cats, and it’s easy to understand why. They are gorgeous, intelligent, and chatty! What’s there not to love?

Very Social and Love to Talk

Unlike most cat breeds, Blue Point Siamese is uncharacteristically friendly with its owners. They seek out their owners’ close company and have a tendency to stare into their owners’ eyes which seems to create a closer and more intimate bond than you tend to find with other cats.

 They are known to be very talkative and possess charisma, as much as a cat can have! If you don’t have someone to talk to after a long day of hard work, your little blue-eyed buddy is here to give you company.

These beautiful fur babies are comparatively more social than other cat breeds. And so, it’s better if you reciprocate with their attempts at bonding with you. To put it differently, make sure you give enough attention to your Blue point Siamese. They are known to be amicable and affectionate.

Often the cat is known to get frustrated and develop separation anxiety when left alone for long hours. Keep that in mind if you’re considering taking one of your own.

An Ancient Breed

Interestingly, Blue Point Siamese, or Siamese cats in general, is one of the oldest acknowledged cat breeds. It is believed that this magnificent family of cats originated from Thailand. The predecessors to this breed had a more triangular face.

Of the numerous types of Siamese cats that are commonly found, Blue Points are arguably the prettiest. And so, they used to be the most popular during the olden times. Common estimations suggest that these cats had been bred for centuries before they achieved their official recognition in 1934.

What makes the Siamese cat breed very special is that it was not explicitly bred to look and behave the way it does. The course of natural evolution determined their elegant appearance—no wonder this God-bred portrays such unmatched finesse.

One of the Only Four (Official) Types

close up portrait of a Blue Point Siamese cat with sky blue eyes
Blue Point Siamese

It may seem like the Siamese breed comes in just about any color. But in reality, Siamese cats come in four official variants- Seal Point, Lilac Point, Chocolate Point, and of course, the Blue Point. The Seal point is considered the most exquisite one, with a white body and dark brown colorings in pigmented regions of the body.

The chocolate points have a similar coloring pattern, and the brown colorings are comparatively lightened. Blue Points have blue-slate grey colors over their body points, and Lilac Point Siamese Cats can be distinguished by their pinkish-grey that is slightly lighter in color than the blue point.

Apart from these four official color types, you can also get interesting varieties such as the lynx point siamese cat and the flame point siamese which are not as yet recognized officially – but make for very attractive cats!

Unique Physical Attributes

Now for the most eye-catching traits of the sought-after breed- physical appearance. Siamese cats used to have crossed eyes and a crooked tail, caused by specific genetic factors found in them. However, these traits have been bred out because modern cat owners did not like them.

As mentioned before, there are four types of Siamese cats. The Blue Point is one of the prettiest of the bunch. Known for a unique and elegant look, Blue Point Siamese have a white or seal-colored fur, which is slightly darker than the Lilac variant.

These cats can be distinguished by their indigo-colored, sparkling, and almond-shaped eyes, the subtle off-white coloring of their fur with beautifully placed dark grey overtones, and an overall buttery silk coating.

The unique coloring, also known as a dilute seal color, is characterized by smooth blue points. The pointy ears and the apple-shaped face make this breed a fine specimen that stands out from other cats.

These felines are fairly average-sized, weighing between 5-11 pounds and 10-12 inches in terms of length. 

young lynx point siamese with blue eyes climbing over wooden garden structure on a grey day
Lynx Point Siamese

Born Fully White

Another interesting trivia about these lovely felines is that they are born white. That is because their genes restrict pigments from appearing in the fur. As a result, these cats are naturally albino.

However, the genes can control this albino coloring only at a specific temperature (37 degrees Celsius). Hence, when the Blue point cat is exposed to colder temperatures, the gene fails to inhibit the pigmentation of the fur.

Because of that, you can notice pigmentation in dark grey color around a Blue point Siamese cat’s nose, ear, paws, and tail. It is because the body temperature is low around those regions. Also, the color of their fur is not at all dependent on their genes. More on this later.

Responsible for Several Designer Crossbreeds

Blue Point Siamese are beautiful animals. Naturally, breeders would want to integrate its unique features into other cat breeds. Hence, breeds such as Bluepoint Himalayan, Bluepoint with Tabby Mix, Bluepoint Burmese have been made over the years.

All of these breeds have the distinctive blue eyes of the Blue point Siamese. Blue point Balinese and Blue point Thai cats are pretty notable as well. 

a seal point siamese cat with blue eyes lying on chest on white background
Seal Point Siamese

Love Company

These cats enjoy the company. Aside from the talkative trait mentioned before, these cats strive for attention accompanied by their smartness. If you love to train animals, but dogs seem a bit high-maintenance for you, consider getting Siamese cats.

Due to their relatively greater intelligence, these cats are easily trainable. They are even known to develop their own games, and they have a knack for playing all day.

Saying that these felines ‘acknowledge’ your affections would be an understatement. They are clingy fur-babies that are all in for your cuddles. These cats take ownership of their human and supervise everything they do.

But all these remarkable traits come with a caveat. Be sure to match your cat’s energy and enthusiasm; otherwise, it won’t be long before it becomes agitated. 

Like we mentioned before, they get creative and form their own version of entertainment. So, if your unattended Siamese is found scratching the couch, don’t be surprised.

Blue point Siamese cats are excellent with children and other pets, making them ideal family companions. To elaborate, they love attention, so the greater the number of family members, the happier these pets will get.

Prone to Health Complications

Blue Point, along with all Siamese cats, is more likely to fall victim to health complications. A sad truth, given how adorable and fascinating these animals are. 

Respiratory illnesses and cardiac complications are common for these breeds. Some cat parents also report breathing problems, digestive issues, and retinal infections. HCM (Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy) is another frequent condition. And worse yet, they are fatal.

Complications in the optics are another common downside to older Siamese cats. This degrades their night vision and eventually normal vision as well. These felines are also prone to obesity and dental problems.

Some of the health hazards can be minimized by establishing healthy regimens for your furry companion. Siamese cats can have a long lifespan. For example, teeth and fur cleaning on a regular basis is helpful. Also, setting up environments where the cat can be active reduces the chances of them getting obese.

They Were Once Royal

Aside from the fact about Siamese being one of the oldest recognized cat breeds, you should know that they are not any average peasant street cats. These cats were cherished on par with their stunning appearance.

Royalties in its native country, Thailand, were inclined towards Blue point Siamese cats. It was believed that when a royal family member passed away, their soul was passed on to the cat.

And so, the cat was shifted to a designated temple, where they would be groomed and well-fed for the rest of their lives.

Every footprint of this cat around the world is exquisite. For instance, when the breed entered the USA in the late 19th century, it was on the laps of the US First Lady. Many notable personalities like John Lennon, Marilyn Monroe, Ava Gardner, Sophia Loren, Jane Fonda have had Siamese breeds too.

They See Everything in Two Dimension

Another interesting fact is that Siamese cats observe the world in length and width only. They are incapable of perceiving more than two dimensions. This is because of the same gene that caused the cat to have crystal-like blue eyes.

This condition is commonly regarded as Diplopia, where the optical system perceives two flat images of the same object instead of them being transposed into one. This is interesting, considering how active these felines tend to be. 


You should have fallen more in love with blue point Siamese cats by the end of this article. They are fascinating and lovable creatures. If you were thinking of adopting one, then definitely go for it!