a lop eared ukrainian levkoy cat

15 Weirdest Looking Cat Breeds

Who doesn’t love a cat that looks cute and adorable? Apart from looks, cats comprise affectionate and doting personalities. Their personality traits like sociability and playfulness set them apart from different pets. 

When it comes to cats, you can’t expect them all to look alike. Cats vary from breed to breed, and each breed has its unique features. 

Some cat breeds look so strange that you might start wondering if such cats exist! If you’ve been curious about the weirdest looking cat breeds in the world, keep reading to find out about them.

15 Weirdest Looking Cat Breeds

There’s no doubt that all cat breeds are unique in their own way. Let’s have a look at 15 weird cat breeds that might interest you-

Egyptian Mau

an egyptian mau cat with green eyes lying on a chair

The first one on our list is the Egyptian Mau which is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cat breeds in the world. They are naturally spotted with short coats, which makes them look gorgeous.

Aside from their gorgeous looks, these cats are known for their social characteristics. These cats are very fond of snuggles and will make your home feel more playful. They are also very obedient and devoted to nature. 

However, Egyptian Mau is very sensitive to temperature changes and cannot tolerate cold weather. They need to be raised in warmer environments, which is why you can’t see them in countries with colder weather.


close up of a white sphinx Cat

Probably the strangest-looking cat breed to exist is the Sphynx cat. And there’s a good reason why. These cats are devoid of fur, which makes them look naturally bald. They come in different colors like brown, sable, lavender, fawn, grey, etc., and various patterns like solid, bi-color, etc. These cats also bear wrinkles on their skin which seems more prominent due to the absence of fur.

Despite lacking fur, they still look unique with their colored skin coats. These cats are brilliant and have very high social skills. They are very playful and love seeking attention. 


front view of a blue tabby minskin kitten lying prone

If you crossed a Sphynx breed with a Munchkin or Burmese, you would get the breed of Minskin. So, you could say that the Minskin is a shorter version of the Sphynx breed. 

Like the Sphynx breed, the Minskin is hairless, but they have small furs on their ears, nose, and tail. These cats are the best cats for new owners since they blend in any home and environment. They are loyal, loving, and highly fun-loving. 


short legged Lambkin cat side view

Lambkins are queer cat breeds due to their curly coat and short legs. These cats look fluffy and furry due to their thick and crinkled fur coating.

They are relatively a new breed which is why they’re pretty popular among cat enthusiasts right now. These cats are generally very social in personality and share a strong bond with their owners.

These cats find it amusing to chase toys and mice and are well known for making many feline friends.

American Curl 

silver grey tabby american curl cat lying down

The American Curl cats are another strange-looking cat breed. Their strangeness comes from their curled ears. These cats are born due to crossing between different domestic cats-hence the curled ears. They are pretty furry as well and look very cute.

When these cats are born, you can initially see their ears as straight ones. However, as they start growing after a few weeks, their ears curl spontaneously.

They are very docile cats that love playing and curling up in your lap. In fact, they are one of the most social cat breeds to exist.


a grey peterbald cat with big ears sitting

Another peculiar-looking cat is the Peterbald breed. Many people confuse the Peterbald with the Sphynx because of their hairless appearance. However, Peterbald and Sphynx cats are totally different breeds. 

The Peterbald has a longer head with full whiskers, unlike the Sphynx breed. Besides, these cats are pretty muscular compared to the Sphynx cats. These cats are a Russian breed and have been popular among cat enthusiasts for their intelligent personalities.

They share a very strong attachment with their owners. 


a lykoi cat or werewolf cat in reclined pose looking to camera

Known as the “wolf cat,” the Lykoi is one of the queerest cat breeds in the world.

This breed is partially hairless, lacking an original undercoat. The existing haircoat is a blend of non-pigmented and actual black hair, which gives them a wolf appearance. They have shorter tails and tall, pointed ears. Their facial features have earned this breed the title “wolf cat.” 

They have a powerful prey instinct which helps them hunt mice faster than most cat breeds. However, with people, they share the friendliest relationship.


tabby striped highland lynx cat sitting amongst ferns on a sunny day

The Highlander is another strange-looking cat because of a lot of reasons. They look like the American Curl because of their curled ears. However, their ears curl in a backward direction which is pretty unique. They are also a short tail cat breed – so you can identify them easily.

But these cats are not queer looking for their ears. What sets them apart from other cat breeds are a few extra toes on their feet! This is why they are known as polydactyl breeds. In fact, Highlander cats have 6-8 toes on each foot.

Apart from their physical traits, they have excellent loving personality traits as well. They are very loyal to their owners and share an affectionate bond with them.

Tonkinese Cat

a chocolate and beige tonkinese cat with aqua blue eyes

These cute and beautiful cats are known for their striking appearances. They are born as a result of crossing between Siamese and Burmese cat breeds, which gives them their unique physical characteristics.

These cats more or less bear a dark face and aqua eyes which sets them apart from different breeds. They are very social pets and love spending time with members of the feline community. Tonkinese cats are known for their playful and affectionate behavior.  


chocolate and silver lynx laperm cat lying on leather sofa

Next on our list is the LaPerm, and you might be wondering why it is named so. This breed gets its name from its tight and curly coat, which looks like a perm. They look really beautiful due to their gorgeous curls and are a source of delight to cat lovers.

These cats are very charming and share a very loving bond with their owners, fellow felines, and other pets. They make very gentle domestic cats and have impressive social skills.

 Ukrainian Levkoy

a lop eared ukrainian levkoy cat

The Ukrainian Levkoy is also a very weird-looking cat, born from breeding between a Donskoy cat and Scottish Fold. The combination of physical traits of these two breeds gives it a very distinct appearance.

They look quite bizarre with their inward folded ears and minimum hair on the body. Their skin appears wrinkled, and their head looks exactly like those of Scottish Fold cats-round and peculiar.

Despite their weird looks, they make amazing domestic pets due to their sweet personality and loving nature.

 Cornish Rex

White and grey cornish rex cat with curly hair sitting

The Cornish Rex is another interesting cat breed because of its short and wavy hair coat. It comprises an oval head, large eyes, ears, and curled whiskers, giving it a unique appearance.

The Cornish Rex is a product of spontaneous and natural gene mutation among domestic cats of varying breeds. It bears strange-looking long hind legs that make it look like a breed you might’ve never encountered in life!

However, these cats are very loyal and loving companions to their owners.


a black hairless donskoy sphynx cat lying on an armchair in a house in a patch of sunlight

The Donskoy cat is another hairless cat breed that you’ll find in different environments. They are sometimes confused with the Sphynx for their bald appearance. Another interesting thing about these cats is their Russian origin.

Their skin consists of wrinkles that appear similar to human skin. This skin requires grooming quite often since it remains exposed all the time and can develop skin problems.

Donskoy cats are very well-behaved cats, and their loyalty is top-notch, just like dogs. 

 Exotic Shorthair

tabby exotic shorthair cat lying on side on white sofa

Exotic Shorthairs are very beautiful cats with a slight resemblance to Persian cats. However, they are very short, which is why they are often referred to as the “the lazy man’s Persian.” 

These cats have flat faces and little noses, which makes them look very cute. They also have a short coat and an even shorter mouth. 

The Exotic Shorthair cats are very gentle and love playing with different toys, showing up at the door, etc. They also have excellent companionship, which is their impressive feature.

 Scottish Fold Cats

close up of a grey scottish fold kitten lying in sphinx pose on a bed

Last but not least, we have the Scottish Fold Cats, which are a common weird-looking cat breed. In terms of physical appearance, these cats are round in shape and possess big eyes. The combination of a round face and large eyes makes them look like owls.

They also have folded ears which gives them a queer face, unlike other cats. Scottish Fold cats are very gentle and doting, which is the reason cat owners love them so much. They do not need frequent maintenance and love the attention of their owners and fellow felines. 

Although they are very affectionate, they are quite lazy, which is why they make great indoor and domestic cats.

Final Words

This world is filled with a wide range of magnificent cat breeds, and each one possesses some exceptional features. However, if you’re looking for the weirdest-looking cat breeds, this list will suit you. No matter how strange-looking these breeds are, you can still find the best companionship among them.