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70 Greek Cat Names That Will Make Your Cat Stand Out!

Greek cat names are great if you are looking for a historically inspiring and evocative name for your cat. We have a wide selection of greek god and goddess names, names from mythology, and ancient names for male and female cats. Read on to see our selection of the best…

Have you just adopted a cat? Congratulations! If you have Greek descent or are a Greek mythology fan, you’re probably thinking about giving your new kitty a Greek cat name. That’s great! Greek names are mystical and interesting.

There are plenty of Greek family names for girl and boy cats. The Greek language produces some tongue-twisting names and others that are nothing short of unique. You might know that until around the 18th century, most Christian Greek parents named their kids after Orthodox saints.

Christian values heavily influenced the naming of children across the country, so you’ll find there isn’t much variation in names in the Greek language outside of common Christian options. Greek literature also popularized the naming of children throughout Europe in the years following the fall of Ancient Greece.

You also can name your kitty after one of the many Greek gods from the country’s mythological history. Naming your cat after the god of lightning and thunder or the goddess of love just sounds cool, right?

There are so many awesome names in Greek Mythology, and you’re sure to find one that suits your boy or girl cat. Greek Mythology shaped much of our society’s culture today. Its ancient legends are still the subject of fantasy and film, with kids learning about the mythical “Hercules” and “Jason and the Golden Fleece.”

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We decided to put together this list of Greek Christian and mythological names for you to go through at your leisure. There are plenty of fantastic options for girl and boy cats.

We recommend you write down your top three to five names and think about each of them for the next few days before officially naming your feline friend. Eventually, one of them will pop up in your mind as the purr-fect name for your pet.

If you’re having some trouble selecting a final name, ask your friends and family to give some suggestions on your top picks. Sometimes a little assistance from friends and family is all you need to make your decision.

Greek Names for Male Cats

Here are our top choices for Greek boy names for your cat. We selected influential names from Greek mythology and popular Christian names we think you’ll like for your cat.

You have options for powerful figures from Greeks history and distinguished names that anyone will recognize. Pick out a few and settle on the best name for your cat.

Aristotle – A legendary Greek philosopher.

Alexander – Alexander the Great, the Greeks most famous conqueror.

Volos – A beautiful Greek city on the Mediterranean coast.

Santorini – A popular vacation spot close to the Aegean Sea.

Hydra – A Greek Island in the Mediterranean and a Greek mythical animal with many heads.

Calix – A word that describes “handsome,” as it refers to men.

Damarius – A Greek word for a handsome boy.

Kosmos – An exotic name that translates to order and beauty. A good black cat name with a greek slant.

Zeus – The king of the Greeks gods and the lord of thunder and lightning. It’s one of the most powerful Greek god names for cats.

Theron – This Greek word translates to “hunter,” perfect for your kitty.

Apollo – The Greek god of knowledge, a good choice for a trained cat or a cat with a calm demeanor. One of the top choices of greek names for cats available!

Ares – The Greek god of war. A great badass cat name with a greek slant.

Okeanos – A good choice for beach cats, it translates to “body of water.” It’s also the name of a Greek titan.

Hermes – The fast messenger, ideal for cats that are quick and agile on their feet.

Proteus – This name translates from Greek into “First.”

Gyro – A delicious Greek food that’s popular as street food in American cities.

Tzatziki – A smooth, creamy Greek dip with cucumber, Greek Yogurt, and dill.

Hades –The Greek god of the underworld and a great choice for a black cat.

Aeolus – The Greek god of the wind and a good choice for fast cats that just seem to disappear out of nowhere.

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Adonis – The Greek god of plants and a description of the perfect male physique.

Achilles – A strong legendary Greek warrior with the responsibility of leading the Greek army to victory in many battles, including the legend of Troy and the Trojan Horse.

Attica – A popular vacation region around Greece.

Atlas – This Titan has the responsibility of balancing the world on his shoulders. A good choice for a large, strong Maine Coon cat.

Charon – Another great choice for a black cat. This man ferries new souls across the River Styx on their way to the underworld.

Corfu –Another popular Greek Island vacation destination in the Mediterranean Sea.

Cronus – The father of Zeus and all the Gods, and the leader of the Titans.

Dionysus – The Greek party god and the god of wine and entertainment.

Eros – A Greek word translating to the personification of “attraction.”

Gorgon – A monster in Greek mythology.

Hephaestus – The Greek god, the god of fire, masonry, metalworking, forging, and sculpture. She was married to Aphrodite by Zeus.

Hypnos – The Greek god of rest and sleep. A good choice for a sleepy cat.

Hyperion –The god of the heavens and the sky,

Helios – The god of the sun and a great choice of white cat name or name for an orange tabby.

Poseidon – The god of the sea. It sounds like a cool name, but it’s kind of ironic since cats hate the water.

Morpheus – The Greek god of the dream world. Morpheus is also the son of Helios, the god of the sun.

Constantine – A famous Greek King and leader.

Choose a male cat name for your pet that reflects their personality. Cats vary in the way they approach life, with some being lazy while others are active.

If you’re picking out a kitten, observe how they interact with their siblings to get more insight into the characteristics of their personalities before you name them.

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Greek Names for Female Cats

There are plenty of exciting Greek names for girl cats as well. We curated this list of our favorites to include Greek Christian names, the names of Greek destinations, and of course, Greek gods and mythological figures. Pick one out that suits your kitty!

Aphrodite – This is kind of a cliché by now, but the Greek goddess of love makes for a great name for your cat.

Athena – The Greek goddess of war and wisdom. A good name for a strong, independent female cat.

Agatha – This Greek name translates into “kind” or “good.”

Artemis – This Greek god is a hunter, and she connects with the animals. Does your cat hunt alot?

Callista – A Greek word meaning beautiful.

Cybele – The Greek goddess of the wild beasts of the land.

Damara – A name for a gentle cat.

Demeter – The Greek goddess of motherhood.

Eos – The Greek goddess of the dawn.

Gaia – The Greek mythology equivalent of mother nature.

Medusa (the Gorgon) – The evil Greek goddess with snakes for hair and a gaze that turns men to stone.

Olympia – The female version of Olympus.

Feodora – A word translating to “Given by God.”

Hera – The wide to Zeus, the father of all gods, and the name for a beautiful girl.

Hecate – The Greek goddess of the moon, a great choice considering your cat’s nocturnal nature.

close up of grecian statue of aphrodite

Hestia – The leader of the Olympian gods and the original Olympian god.

Leto – The Greek goddess of the night, a great choice for cats that are always running around at night!

Iris – The Greek goddess of the rainbow.

Nike – The Greek winged goddess (and where the Nike brand originates).

Nemesis –The Greek goddess of destiny and a funny name for your cat.

Persephone – The wife to Hades, the lord of the underworld. A good choice for an all-black girl cat.

Kyra –A great choice for those regal cats, with the word translating to “enthroned.”

Rhea – The Greek goddess and wife of the Titan, Cronus. A powerful mythical being.

Petrina – Translates from Greek to “rock.”

Selene – Another Greek goddess of the moon.

Iyonna – A Greek name translating to “gracious.”

Baklava – The name of a traditional Greek pastry dessert smothered in sweet syrup. Ideal for a sweet, softie!

Delphina – This name translates from Greek into “little girl.”

Feta – A great choice for a kitty, naming it after your favorite Greek cheese. It’s pretty funny too.

Olive – If you have two cats, olive and Feta make great name combinations.

Thalia – A Greek word translating to “the flowering one.”

Tyche – The Greek goddess of good fortune.

Amalthea — A name from Ancient Greek meaning “nourishing and loving.”

Calliope — This girl was the muse of poetry and a Greek goddess of the written word.

Daphne — The Greek goddess of the river and the daughter of Peneus.

Hestia — The first-born child to the Greek god’s Rhea and Cronus. The name translates to family and domestication.

Helen — You can always name your cat after the beautiful and courageous Helen of Troy. A good choice if you have another male cat named Troy.

In Closing – There are So Many Great Greek Names

After reading through our list of the best Greek cat names, you’re probably feeling somewhat overwhelmed with all your options.

We recommend reading the list again before you go to sleep. Your mind will present you with your best options the following day after your subconscious has time to decide on its favorites.