close up of the face of a silver and grey scottish fold cat lying head on paws

8 Popular Grey And White Cat Breeds

Grey and white cats are a popular color choice with many people. Check out these cat breeds that produce grey and white cats if you are looking to adopt a cat.

Grey and white cats are typical among many breeds. Advertisements and TV shows often feature lovely adorable pet cats in these colors as these colors are so popular. If you want further proof of their popularity you can find many grey and white colored cat images on the internet, as well. 

Anyhow, there is not a single cat breed that specifically exhibits these grey and white color patterns. It is a genetic condition that exists in multiple cat breeds. 

Check out some of these popular breeds that produce gray and white cats with a variety of different coat patterns :

Grey And White Cat Breeds

British Shorthair

Silver grey tabby british shorthair cat with amber eyes crouching on a tree stump

British shorthairs are friendly, easygoing cats. Despite being happy to be with its owner, they are rarely clingy cats. These short hair grey cats tend to be independent souls. Owners do not need to shower them with much affection to keep them happy and if they suffocate them with love the British Shorthair cat will often seek their own space. This does not mean that they cannot pet them. But it does mean they can be left at home alone quite easily without any fear of separation anxiety or the like – the British Shorthair will chill out and enjoy their own space and time!


There is a wide range of body sizes from medium to large. Their bodies are well built and sometimes stocky, and their chests are broad.

Coat Color:

These cats come in a variety of coat colors and patterns. In particular, it has a pattern that features two colors: grey and white. The full grey color cat is sometimes called British blue and is a very popular grey cat choice.

Fun Facts of cat 

The Cat has a long history dating back to the ancient Roman era.

  • Fanciest or most adored type of cats
  • In “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,” the British Shorthair is a well-known cat.

Persian cat

a sitting grey and white persian cat watching a suspended ball

TV shows have loved the Persian cat breed for a long time. Their long thick coats, flat faces with their round eyes often create sweet facial expressions that make them one of the most adorable pets.

Their lifespan is between 15 and 20 years. They are known for having a friendly nature with other pets and children.


Their weight ranges from 8 to 14 pounds, and their bodies vary from medium to large.

Coat Color:

It is claimed Persian cats were only long hair grey cats in the beginning. Nowadays, however, Persian cat breeds come in a wide variety of colors. Each Persian cat family member has a distinct color. 

There are seven different colors available in Persian cat families. The cat lover community is quite fond of grey-and-white, gray-and-gold combinations.

Fun Facts of Persian cat 

  • Due to their thick coats, Persian cats can often be groomed like lions. Most cat parents shave only the body area of the Cat and leave the face and neck covered in fur.
  • Persian cats come in about 80 different color combinations.

Turkish Van

grey and white turkish van sitting on a lawn on a sunny day

The Turkish Van cat or the Van Cats, famous for their long thick tail, are lovely friends to have around. These cats are so cute and unique.

Naturally occurring Turkish van cats have white bodies and color on head and tail only. Van cats have an athletic body and legs, which makes them fit and healthy.


These cats have a medium-length, moderately muscular, athletic body. Their weight ranges between 7-12 Pounds.

Coat Color:

Their coat has a texture similar to cashmere and fur is usually classed as semi-long.

There are other color patterns in addition to grey and white, including blue patched tabby, orange, light brown, brown patched tabby, dilute tortoiseshell, and many more, but these colors and patterns only feature on their heads and tails! Their body is always white!

Fun Facts of Van Cat

  • The Cat has a long history dating back to the ancient era.
  • The eye color of van cats can vary widely, sometimes
  • There are few of these in the US, even though it is one of the oldest cat breeds.
  • These cats love swimming – helped partly by their waterproof coats.

European Shorthair

grey tabby and white european short hair cat crouching indoors

European shorthairs are thought to have originated thousands of years ago. Historically, they were the first cats to be used indoors. They are known for their loyalty to humans.

There are not many things to do when grooming a European shorthair. These are low-maintenance types that can adapt to a variety of climate conditions.


These cats are medium size and weigh about 15 pounds.

Coat Color:

The colors vary greatly. Despite this, a distinctive feature of their coat is its tabby pattern.

There are also brown, black, and tan colors in addition to grey and white tabby patterns.

Fun Facts of European Shorthair cat

  • This cat breed is known as the first cat type ever discovered by humans
  • Among cats, european Shorthairs are the least vocal

Oriental Shorthair

Front shot of a grey and white oriental short hair cat loafing

Asian shorthairs are among the most intelligent cat breeds. They are capable of performing a wide variety of tasks when trained.

Furthermore, she enjoys being pet by her parents. She affectionately and intelligently makes a strong bond between her and her parents.


This Cat has firm muscles and strong bones. Its body is svelte and long.

Coat Color:

Besides the gray and white version of the oriental cat breed, there are over 300 different color and pattern variants. Among this shaded, smoke, tabby, bicolor, and tri-color types are common.

Fun Facts of cat

  • They love heights and are known as excellent jumpers
  • Another cat breed is also found, similar to this breed but has longer hair, known as an oriental longhair.  
  • They are heavier although in appearance looks slim and small
  • This cat breed type is also very talkative 

Norwegian Forest Cat

A charcoal silver and white norwegian forest cat sitting in a garden staring to camera

Norwegian forest cats behave like wild cats, as their name suggests. This Cat has a large and robust body and can be very active.

Despite having a slight affinity for one person at a time, Norwegian forest cats love spending time with the entire family. However, they are not really lap or petting cats. They prefer to just watch and play with family members.


Their bodies are fit, and their muscles are well-balanced like a wild cat. As compared to other breed types, they have a relatively large body.

Coat Color:

These cats have a wide variety of color variations. Color patterns are typically mixed with white color most of the time. The most common among them are brown, grey, and cinnamon.

Fun Facts of cat

  • The origin of this breed is connected to a Norwegian fairy tale. 
  • According to the legend, six giant Norwegian forest cats pulled the chariot of the Norse goddess Freya.

Devon Rex

Full body front shot of a sitting grey and white devon rex kitten with huge ears

Devon Rex is a small-sized cat breed with a unique body. These cats are different from traditional breeds due to their large pointed ears, slender bodies, and wavy coats. Some might say they are amongst the weirdest cat breeds to look at!

This is one of the most intelligent cat breeds. The cat loves playing games with her parents and learning new tricks. She can express her gratitude for the affection she receives from her owner.


This cat breed has a small-sized body and weighs lower than 8 pounds.

Coat Color:

Their coat has several color varieties, including blue, white, grey, cream, black, red, dark brown, brown, and cinnamon with different patterns such as tabby, bicolor, solid, shaded, smoke, and tricolor.

Fun Facts of Devon Rex

  • These cats are sometimes referred to as “pixies of the cat world.”
  • They said it was a cross between a Dog, Cat, and monkey due to their particular traits.

Scottish Fold

close up of the face of a silver and grey scottish fold cat lying head on paws

This cat breed originated from Scotland. Apart from their folded ears, they are well recognized as one of the most friendly cat breeds that just loves company and is not afraid of young family members or other pets.

Unlike traditional cats, they crave human interaction and love and might suffer anxiety if you leave them home alone all day! 


The Scottish Fold has a medium-size body and weighs ranging between 9 and 13 Pounds. Their bodies are round and resemble a ball when viewed from top to bottom. They have round and large eyes and notably folded ears.

Coat Color:

They have many colors and patterns, with both long and short hair. The most common color in them is solid grey. However, they are also frequently found in grey and white patterns.

Fun Facts of Scottish Fold Cat 

  • The Cat is a kind of SMART cat and enjoys playing with puzzle toys.
  • The Cat is the first called “lop-eared cats.”
  • When born, they have straight ears, and after 3 to 5 weeks of birth, their Fold starts to appear.

Round Up

These are some of the most popular grey and white cat breeds out there. The color presents in many patterns depending on the breed – Van cats have grey on the head with a white body whereas a BSH will present grey and white as silver and smoke tabby pattern. Whether you are into stripes or patches finding a grey and white cat should be possible given the variety of breeds you can choose from!