Cat Behavior

grey cat relaxing on orange sofa

Cat Peed On Couch – Why?

Has your cat peed on the couch suddenly or in front of you? Why have they done that? The most likely reason for their inappropriate urination is that they either have a medical issue, a territorial issue, anxiety, or litter box problems. Lets check it out in more detail and …

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two cats running playfully through a house going hyper

Why Do Cats Pant When Playing

Why do cats pant when playing? Because they have stressed their body with physical exertion beyond the normal levels and need to increase their respiration rate to oxygenate their blood and feed their muscles to allow increased activity to go ahead. Exactly the same as when you do exercise and …

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an orange and white cat and a grey cat circling for a fight one hissing the other looking large

Can Cats Kill Each Other?

Have you ever witnessed a catfight? It’s quite the sight to behold. The involved cats can be very vocal and are clearly armed and dangerous – but can cats kill each other or is it all just noise and show? Often the pair of felines involved in a dispute will …

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an orange and white cat with arched back and fluffed tail

Why Do Cats Arch Their Backs?

Why do cats arch their backs? Most of the time they are using body language to communicate or they are physically stretching. They may be communicating fear, pleasure, or playfulness when they arch or limber up for an activity. read on to find out more… Close your eyes and think …

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a cat panting whilst walking outdoors

Why Do Cats Pant?

Why do cats pant? Usually, because they have either undergone vigorous exercise, are overhot, stressed, in pain, poisoned or they have an underlying medical issue. By and large, cats rarely pant, and when they do, it’s usually not a good sign. If your cat is panting because of exercise, they …

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young woman carrying a contented tabby cat over her shoulder

Do Cats Forget Their Owners?

Animals and their memory are one of the most studied subjects in animal science, and we learn new things about how animals remember things every day.  Cat owners look at their cats every day and come up with new questions about what might be going on in their feline’s brain …

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a tabby cat crouching licking their nose with a long tongue

Why Do Cats Like Bleach?

You finish your morning chores and end it with cleaning the kitchen floor. With the pandemic still an issue across the world, you decide to add a little bleach to your normal floor cleaner; it couldn’t hurt, right? After finishing up with your germ-killing duties, you notice your orange tabby …

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a person touching the main pad of a tabby cats paw unsheathing claws

Why Do Cats Bite Their Nails?

Why do cats bite their nails? Broadly speaking it is down to one of three reasons: normal behavior, behavioral issues, and medical-related issues. Let’s take a look in greater depth: Are you watching your cat bite her nails? She’s chilling on the couch with her back foot in her mouth. …

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close up portrait of a tabby maine coon with ruff and long whiskers

Why Won’t My Cat Shut Up?

Do you have a vocal cat? Some cats “speak” more than others, using various meows, cries, and even clicks. If you’re wondering, “why won’t my cat shut up?” chances are it’s a breed that likes to communicate with you. This post looks at the different cat breeds and which are …

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a white and tabby cat loafing

Why Is My Cat Loafing?

Does your cat loaf? Is your cat loafing at every opportunity? Do you know what loafing is and why your cat does it? We check out this phenomenon, and identify what it is, where it goes down, and why it most likely happens! Read on to get to the bottom …

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