a white cat sitting on a bed

72 Of The Very Best White Cat Names

White cats tend to be quite rare. This is because they have to have the genetics that eliminates all the other potential coat colors – and that is unusual. There are a number of specific cat breeds that give rise to blonde-coated cats, although in theory, a pure white coat cat is possible even with your average cat – it just doesn’t happen very often or the coat is actually a mix of colors rather than purely one color. 

The breeds that tend to produce these cats are Devon Rex, Persian cat breed, Siamese, Turkish Angora, Turkish Van, and American Shorthair. If you have a white cat from any of these breeds then you might be looking for a cat names list to help you name your kitten. Check out our list for inspiration :

White Cat Names For Boys

Iceman – Inspired by a top gun sidekick from the movie with a wintry, cool name that is suitable masculine. Great name for a cat that is totally unflustered.

Blofeld – an evil baddie from James Bond films that always had a white cat with him. A badass name for a cat, ideal for the wicked, bad-tempered cat with ideas of world domination.

Jack Frost – the icy character from folklore. A great name for a male cat because you can shorten it two ways to either “Jack” or “Frosty”.

Jon Snow – a character from GOT who ends up hanging out in cold, snowy places (on the wall).

Stormtrooper – As in Imperial from the Star Wars movies. Always dressed in white, and loved a fight…sound like anyone you know?

Fang – as in White Fang by Jack London. He was a wolf that hung out in the snowy north. Ok, so your cat is feline rather than canine, but probably has a snowy appearance and fangs so it could work.

Coolio – Cool like ice, or cool like the rapper – up to you, but a great name for a laid-back male cat.

Mr. White – a reference to “Reservoir Dogs” the Tarantino classic where the gangsters’ names were all suitably color derived. Great for a male cat with aspirations of running the ‘hood…

close up of a white sphynx cat with blue eyes

White Cat Names For Girls

Leia – As in Princess Leia of Star Wars fame. Famous for an iconic white outfit of robes.

Misty – A classic cat name for a girl cat – white like a misty day…

Moonbeam – moonbeams are light and bright and so is your cat. One of several choices inspired by the night sky.

Moonlight – more night sky fun. A great name for a blonde cat that spends time outdoors at night.

Blossom – The cherry blossom is often pale so this could make a great cat name for a female cat.

Cotton Bud – Soft and white. A good name for a warm and soft-natured girl cat.

Luna – more night sky fun.

Blanche – Slightly old-fashioned, but would be a great cat name for a girl cat.

Sugar – but is your cat sweet enough to pull this name off?

Pearl – For the precious female blonde cat in your family…

Lilly – A great floral white cat name for a girl cat.

Jasmine – more floral inspiration for your cat. Possibly shorten up to Jazz for easy use..

Daisy – always had to be on the list of we are going to take inspiration from flowers. Great name for a female cat who loves to spend time outdoors…

Chardonnay – A white wine with a female vibe.

Champagne – expensive, and fizzy – remind you of your cat? Maybe shorten to Champers for everyday use?

Opal – more precious stone inspiration. A great blond cat name for a female cat. Short and sweet.

Diamond – for the female snowy cat with airs and graces. Definitely one for the regal feline!

Snow White – got a little princess that needs a name…

Twinkle – for the little cat with a sparkling personality. 

China – Bone China is very milky. This could be short and snappy enough to work…

Coral – Not many cats called coral. Looking for something different but white-inspired?

Blondie – A clear and obvious, no introductions required name for a female blonde cat.

Annapurna – As in the snow-capped Nepalese peak. Suitably female and could be uprated to Annapurrer…

Unisex White Cat Names

a landscape view across a lake with mount fuji in the background and cherry blossom in the foreground
Mt Fuji & spring blossom…

Not everyone wants to highlight their cat’s gender. For the traditional at heart who like their cats to be called puss or stripey, how about raising the bar with some of these unisex cat names inspired by white found in nature, film, and culture?

Snowy -a  simple, short and obviously suitable unisex cat name…

Cloud – for the daydreaming cat..

Ice – cool, somewhat aloof cat?

Star – a bright cat name for a cat with a shining, bright personality…

Talc – fun, easy, short, and obvious..

Blizzard – for the cat that moves fast and is a force of nature?

Snowball – winter fun and kind of obvious..

Ghost – for the white cat who is here one minute and gone the next..

Cream – Well cream is milky so why not? Perhaps not great for a boy cat…

Chilly – a coat colored like snow and ice must remind you of the cold?

Strato – cloud inspired, for the high-minded cat or the cat with a big jump?

Sirius – more cloud-related inspiration.

Lightening – fast and bright – remind you of anyone?

Colgate – toothpaste inspired, original white cat name..

North or South – both have snow-capped poles…for now. Could you call your cat North or even South? Sure to get a double-take from onlookers…

Avalanche – I see this name as a name for a longhair cat. Preferably one with lots of energy…

Berg – as in iceberg. Careful, there is always more under the surface than you imagine!

Siberia – An area of the world that is just, well, white…

Drift – as in snowdrift. Could also characterize the way your cat nonchalantly moves..

White and grey ragdoll cat with blue eyes reclining next to orchid

Winter – Ideal cat name for a milky cat born in December or January – If your in the northern hemisphere that is..

Icicle – kind of cute cat name…

Alaska – more white-colored geography…

K2 – short and easy, inspired by the snow-covered mountain peak in the Himalayas.

Everest – more mountain fun, perhaps a little too long to be shouting out…

Fuji – Inspired by the Japanese volcano that comes with a year-round, snow-covered peak, does your cat have a erupt with a formidable temper?

Funny White Cat Names

Perhaps you don’t want a white-inspired name for your cat. How about letting your sense of humor run riot? Check out some of these clearly ironic cat names that will keep people guessing :

Coal – as in dirty lumps of..

Dusty – not really white is it?

Neo – the dude dressed in black in the film the matrix? Really?

Or any of these black cat names….