84 Black Cat Names That Your Cat Will Love!

Looking for black cat names to inspire you and give you ideas? We have got loads! These cats are usually considered to be somewhat mysterious and viewed with suspicion by a lot of people – they often get dumped in rescue centers because they are viewed as bad luck given their long tradition of being associated with witches, bad luck, and supernatural phenomena. 

Really they are like any other cat – but you can play on this undeserved reputation to come up with some great names for black cats. Check out some of our favorites. We got witchy, spiritual, badass, unisex, male, female, and even ironic names for a black cat. The lists are not exhaustive, but should give you some inspiration!

Witchy Black Cat Names

As these cats are associated with witchcraft, the mysterious, magic, and all sorts of things dark and dangerous why not choose a name that will play on this and give your cat a witchy black cat name? Check out some of these names for black cats :

Esmerelda – A witch from Terry Pratchett’s books. 

Esmee – Also a witch from Terry Pratchett’s imagination.

Shadow – shadows are black and so is your cat! A great name for the darker black cat.

Ghost – Suitably paranormal….

Mog – a typical witch’s cat’s name.

Hocus – A spellbinding name for a black cat!

Pocus – More magical fun.

My name is Chalky not Jinx!

Jinx – well if black cats are bad luck why not go straight to the heart of the matter!

Salem – A witchy reference to the Salem Witchcraft incident.

Tabitha – The witch daughter from the popular TV series.

Zelda – A reference to the witch from a popular computer game.

Hermione – a witchy name for the Harry Potter fans out there.

Maleficent – Reference to a film witch.

Gandalf – Powerful wizard type from Lord of the Rings, ideal for a male black cat.

Raven – A black bird associated with the dark and magical..Could be the perfect name for a black cat!

Cinders – Reference to the magical fairytale and a color reference to boot! One of the best witchy black cat names going.

Wizard – suitably magical and mysterious.

Merlin – A wizard from folklore.

Midnight – The witching hour and usually pitch black in nature – an ideal name for a black cat.

Elvira – A witchy film character.

Caspar – supernatural connections – Caspar the ghost – could work for a darker colored cat.

Goth – goths wear black and seem slightly mysterious to the rest of us so could be a fitting reference for your cat – and it is unisex!

Lucifer – demonic, underworld, dark and dangerous. 

Warlock – a magical creature that causes all sorts of trouble.

Coven – a group of witches…

Nightshade – a poison and a reference to the dark and black, great name for your black cat.

Cobweb – kinda cute name with witchy resonances. One of the best black cat names going…we think.

Pumpkin – very halloween, but kinda cute on a cat.

Voodoo – reference to the magical, mystical and spiritual.

Loki – a norse god known to be a trickster, shapeshifter, and deceiver. Generally a dark character. Might be good for the mischievous black cat!

HadesHades was the name given to the underworld in ancient times. Suitably dark for a black cat!

Sabrina – As in Sabrina the teenage witch. A perfect name for a female black cat.

Black Cat And Ghosts

Unisex Black Cat Names

Do you like to name your cat in a gender-neutral style and keep people guessing? A unisex cat name could be the way forward. We have already hit on some potential gender-neutral names amongst our witchy selection but check out some of these additional unisex black cat names that draw influence from the color of your cat, nature, food, drink and the night sky, we are sure you can get some decent inspiration from this list of potential cat names:

Jet – a great unisex name for a black cat. References speed of the jet age and the semi precious stone “Jet” which is pitch or jet black in color.

Cola – for the sweet cat that is the color of cola!

Shadow – This is one of those popular black cat names. Fits well because your cat looks like a shadow.

Midnight – Because pitch black is the color of midnight. One of the best names for black cats going!

Jinx – For the cat that brought bad luck – allegedly…

Mog – Nice and short and easy.

Hocus Pocus – Magical name for a black cat of any sex.

Hades – If your cat has a fire and brimstone personality this name could work.

Cosmo – Black like the night sky.

Orion – more cosmic references for those that are not interested in the witchy but want something unisex and linked to the black color.

Star – More night time fun without being too serious or melodramatic.

Comet – for the faster moving cat.

Cocoa – for the soft and comforting dark cat.

Twilight – A night time reference that could be a unisex name for a black cat.

Moonshine – More nightime unisex fun…

Ash – ash is usually dark, so this could make a great black cat name.

Smoky – If you think smoke is black this could make a good unisex cat name.

Onyx – A black colored semi precious gemstone that could make a great unisex black cat name. 

Porter – a dark colored beer that could be a sophisticated black cat name.

Stout – and more drink related naming fun..

Inky – black like octopus ink – could work for a black cat – nice and short and easy cat name.

Licorice – black colored sweet derived from a plant root. Ideal for a cat name for a male or female black cat.

Charcoal – Self explanatory. Great black cat name, of either sex.

Badass Black Cat Names

Everyone knows that black is a badass color. Maybe your cat needs a badass cat name to go with their coat? Check out some of these badass black cat names drawn from film, cinema, history and the natural world:

Ninja – these guys were assassins always known to dress in black and spring from the shadows. An ace black cat name for a cat that pounces and hunts. 

Neo – The bendy badass dude in black from the matrix film who can jump and do things that aren’t meant to be possible – a badass name for a cat with dark fur and heaps of agility. 

Panther – the big cat in the wild is usually black, powerful, an apex predator and fairly ferocious. Maybe your black Bombay cat looks the same?

Doom – A cat called Doom? Its just badass all round.

Hades – a cat named after the underworld is probably a badass cat.

Darth – Darth Vader was a tough character, a destroyer of worlds and a dark purveyor of the force that wore black. Would make a great black cat name.

Vader – As above, but definetly more badass.

Diesel – Flammable, heavy duty, hardcore stuff, ideal name for a cat.

Diablo – Spanish for the devil – suitably badass cat name for a bad, bad black cat.

Spartan – Famous warriors from ancient greece. A suitably badass black cat name for a scrapper!

Bandit – one of the best cat names for a cat with a badass attitude.

Zoro – Dressed in black and was pretty mean with a blade – great name for a black cat with attitude, and claws they are willing to use!

Eight Ball – eight balls are black and pool is cool so this could be a great black cat name…

Fangs – Needs no explanation – obvious badass name. Your not going to pet a cat named “fangs” are you?

Damian – reference to the devil from the film series “The Omen”….clearly badass overtones.

Male Black Cat Names

We have already hit a number of names that have a masculine slant in our lists above, but maybe you need just a little more inspiration? Obviously you could call your cat Bill or Ben or Joe but you don’t need help with that! Here are some more unusual male black cat names for boy cats that are sure to give you a little more inspiration:

Ziggy – as in ziggy stardust – a cosmic name for a male.

Nero – italian for black, and a famous Cesar to boot…

Binx – A boy who was transformed into an immortal cat in the film Hocus Pocus. Great name for a male black cat. 

Jack – as in black jack, the card game…

Bagheera – The name of the black panther in Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book…

Felix – the male cartoon cat that was black and white.. 

black kitten

Female Black Cat Names

Some of our names for black cats definitely have a feminine slant but if you really want to go feminine without being to witchy then check out some of these popular black cat names for lady cats :

Sable – associated with black or very dark brown colors.

Dusky – feminine night sky reference, could make a good name for a female.

Mystique – Great name for a mysterious female cat.

Sheba – The logo on the cat food of this name features a black cat. Could make a good name for a female cat.

Pepsi – a great name for a female black cat.

Ironic Names For Black Cats

Got a sense of humor and want to go full-on ironic so that people look twice when you call out your black cat’s name? Check out some of these irony inspired names. You’re sure to get a double-take when people hear your cat’s name and then see them in person :

Snowball – clearly not what you expect to hear a dark colored cat called!

Ice – again, what were you thinking?

Diamond – a shining example of irony…

Chalky – your taking this too far…

Angel – people will want to know the backstory.

Coconut – just a nutty cat eh?

Cotton Ball – for the big softy cat?

Blondie – utterly confusing…

Frosty – if the irony is lost on some people you could always pass them off as a winter cat.

Klaus – irony or “claws”?

Misty – a black cat called misty would just be silly…

Or any of these white cat names

These are some of the best black cat names that we could come up with. Of course, your cat might not have a personality that suits these types of names. They might be a warm outgoing cat rather than a secretive, furtive, mysterious cat or tough cat. You can always just go with a standard name that reflects their character better – maybe your cat is an Arthur, Joe, Benny, or a Gilly, Sammi, or Betsy…

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