Can Cats Eat

Can Cats Eat Sardines

Can Cats Eat Sardines?

I discovered my cat liked sardines (or pilchards) quite by accident. I was trying a change of diet and thought I should include more oily fish in my diet. I bought some sardines in tomato sauce figuring it could make a decent sandwich. I opened the can and was immediately …

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beef steak

Can Cats Eat Beef?

How many times have you put food in your cat’s bowl only to have them turn up their nose at you, turn around, flick their tail, and walk away? We bet it’s more than a few times, right? Cats are notoriously picky eaters, and they are quick to let you …

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cat eats raw chicken

Can Cats Eat Raw Chicken?

It’s Tuesday night, and you’re in the kitchen prepping some chicken for your world-famous alfredo. As you dice the cutlets, you notice your cat wander into the room. She starts figure-eighting between your legs, mewing softly, as if to say, “that smells great. Can I have some, please?” Can cats …

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Can Cats Have Butter?

Thanks to the internet, we know that cats can haz cheezburger. But can cats have butter?  The combination of human food types and cats leads us to some of the most common questions that cat owners will have. The one above is typed into search engines a couple hundred times …

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coconut water

Can Cats Eat Coconut?

Can cats eat coconut? Yes, they sure can! Generally speaking, coconut is nontoxic to cats although you would be hard pushed to suggest it is species-appropriate food for your cat! As with many things moderation is key. Some cats with health issues can develop problems from consuming excess fats and …

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Can Cats Eat Basil?

Can cats eat basil? Well, they can eat anything they put in their mouth if they are so inclined! Here we will identify if eating basil is dangerous for your cat, why they might actually be interested in eating basil given that they are obligate carnivores and don’t need to …

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Can Cats Eat Sage

Can Cats Eat Sage?

Have you spotted your cat munching down on sage in your yard or caught them nibbling away at some sage on your windowsill? Maybe you have had a little panic and thought “can cats eat sage?” or “is sage safe for cats?”. Maybe you are planning to do some garden …

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Can Cats Have Salmon?

Can cats have salmon?  Dietary questions are common for cat owners. Every cat owner on earth would like to imagine they’re doing the best for the health of their pet. Cats have a special love for meat, fish, and dairy. Whenever cats see foods like sardines, tuna, hake, and salmon… …

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