Cat Breeds

a portrait shot of a charcoal grey shorthair cat with green eyes sitting looking to camera

6 Grey Shorthair Cat Breeds

Grey short hair cats are distinctive in appearance which makes them very sought after. But are they rare? Are all grey cats short hair? Are they all special breeds or can a standard domestic shorthair be found that is just plain grey?  Get the answer to these questions and more

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portrait of a calico kitten with amber eyes

Why Are Calico Cats Rare?

Why are calico cats rare? It is all in their genes. Read on to find out why these cats are so special and unusual compared to other cats. What Is Special About Calico Cats? Calico cats are special because of their coat. They have a tri-color coat made of orange

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seal point siamese cat with blue eyes lounging on cat tree

8 Types Of Siamese Cat

If you’re looking for a pet that will stick by your side at all times, we suggest getting a siamese cat.  These little furry felines are easy to maintain and will ask for more attention than your clingy partner! They are highly intelligent, are known for their personalities, and have

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an orange tabby american shorthair cat in sphinx pose

The American Shorthair Cat Breed

The American Shorthair is the perfect breed for those who want a devoted cat but not an overly demanding one. Descended from the domestic shorthair cats in Europe, these cats are extremely friendly and affectionate. Adopting an American Shorthair can be a delightful experience once you’ve become acquainted with all

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an orange and white turkish van cat climbing over a fence

A Guide To The Turkish Van Cat

The naturally occurring Turkish Van cat is an ancient breed originating in modern-day Turkey, where they are intensely adored. Distinguished by their strong, sizeable bodies and their love of swimming, the Turkish Van also stands out thanks to their coloration: white all over with splashes of color on the head

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orange british shorthair cat lying on a wooden garden table in a sphynx pose on a sunny evening

The British Shorthair Cat

If you’re looking for a pedigree breed that’s handsome, calm, low-maintenance, and undemanding, the British Shorthair cat is a great choice. You shouldn’t mistake their undemanding nature as being less affectionate. This cat breed is extremely friendly with its teddy-bear like shape and playful personality. British shorthairs are blessed with

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head shot of a blue himalayan cat with steel blue eyes

The Himalayan Cat – A Guide

Himalayan cats or ‘Himmies’ are basically a hybrid of Siamese and Persian cats. These beautiful cats are blessed with a silky, long coat that resembles Persian cats. Read on to learn more about this handsome and smart breed… They have bright blue eyes and pointed coloring on their coats, just like

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a blue eyed adult fluffy ragdoll cat with white coat on patrol outside

Ragdoll Cat Breed Profile

The Ragdoll cat breed is known for their calm, gentle and peaceful temperament. On top of that, they’re an intelligent bunch. They like to be petted, cradled, and carried around! Check out this guide to ragdolls if you are looking to adopt or bring one into your home… This often

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Close Up Of The Face Of An Egyptian Mau Kitten With Amber Eyes

Egyptian Mau Cat – A Guide

If you’re an ardent lover of cats and you’re looking for a unique breed to welcome in the family, the Egyptian Mau is an excellent choice.  Egyptian Mau is an interesting cat breed, and they’re one of the most fun cats to adopt. Before adopting a cat, it’s important to

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a lop eared ukrainian levkoy cat

15 Weirdest Looking Cat Breeds

Who doesn’t love a cat that looks cute and adorable? Apart from looks, cats comprise affectionate and doting personalities. Their personality traits like sociability and playfulness set them apart from different pets.  When it comes to cats, you can’t expect them all to look alike. Cats vary from breed to

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