close up of a chocolate point siamese cat

Chocolate Point Siamese Cats – How Do They Compare?

Chocolate point siamese cats are one of a number of different variations of Siamese cats commonly recognized today by various associations and cat clubs worldwide. Siamese cats are incredibly popular worldwide due to their characteristic looks, obvious personality, intelligence, and playful nature. 

But is there anything special about these siamese? Let’s check them out :

What Is A Chocolate Point Siamese Cat?

If you don’t know what a chocolate point is then the first thing to know is that all siamese cats are pointed, meaning they have color at the tails, paws/ankles, ears, face mask, and nose. Their body tends to be a different color to the points – predominantly a variation of cream, beige, white or off white or light, fawn brown. 

portrait of a chocolate point siamese cat with blue cross eyes outside in garden
Chocolate Point Siamese

Body Fur 

They tend to have ivory white fur on the body. Many siamese subtly change color of body fur as they age until they reach full color in adulthood – these color point cats don’t. Their body fur remains the same from kitten to adult.

Other color points like seal – pale cream, turning darker into adulthood, tend to have darker body fur or body fur that alters over time in comparison to these color points.

Color Point

Chocolate’s have dark brown color points. Compared to blue points that have slate grey color points or lilacs that have a grey with tinges of pink, the points are very much darker. But, the seal point is almost indistinguishable. 

Both the seal and chocolate points have dark brown points compared to the other recognized points. It is said that these cats have a brown color like milk chocolate and the seal point has a deep ebony brown – but many would argue that this may be the preferred to the actual eventuality.

Paws And Noses

Perhaps the only real way to identify a seal point from these points given their incredibly close resemblance is by comparing the nose and paw leather. 

The chocolate point has paws and a nose that has a pinkish undertone going on, whereas the seal point most definitely has a dark brown nose and paw leather. This is perhaps the most conclusive trait you can use to truly identify the difference and it does not alter with age.

Eye Color

As with other Siamese cats, the choccie color points come with amazing blue eyes as standard. A cat without cross eyes is preferable, although cross-eyes used to be natural to the breed. These days selective breeding tends to ensure cross-eyed cats (strabismus) are rarer.

seal point siamese cat with blue eyes outdoors
Seal Point Siamese Cat

Where Do They Come From?

Well, Siam is the old name for modern Thailand so it will not come as any surprise to learn that Siamese cats originally come from Thailand, SE Asia! Siamese cats have been bred for thousands of years by Thai royalty but have been popular in the west since the Victorian period.

This color point has really only been recognized since the 1950s. Most breeders, up until then, believed that the lighter brown color point cats were actually breeding fails. They were trying to develop seal point cats as the colorpoint standard but kept on getting “faulty” versions. Then people began to understand the difference, beauty, and rarity of the chocolate point and they became recognized in their own right!

Are They Rare?

Yes, these color points are rare in the siamese world! This is because they are a result of genetic variation in seal-pointed cats. The most common pointed Siamese cats are seal and lilac points. 

When you breed seal point cats together you may get a litter of four kittens and none might be chocolates. Most of the kittens will be seal or lilac. Just occasionally you might produce a chocolate colorpoint cat, but there are no guarantees and luck plays a big part.

At one stage these cats were viewed as an unfortunate result so breeders avoided using them for stud and the genes are therefore more obscure than those of the other color points.

close up portrait of a Blue Point Siamese cat with sky blue eyes
Blue Point Siamese

Are Chocolate Point Siamese Cats Hypoallergenic?

There is a lot of talk about hypoallergenic cats which is understandable given that many people who want a cat suffer from cat allergies.

These cat allergies are caused by exposure to the Fel D1 protein found in cat saliva. The cat grooms and spreads the protein over their fur which then sheds and gets into the wider environment. People come into contact with the protein off this shedded fur and get a reaction.

Siamese cats are not hypoallergenic. However, they produce less Fel D1 protein than other domestic cats so people believe they are a preferable choice if they have a cat allergy. Other cats that are a Siamese cat mix such as Burmese, Javanese, and Bengal are thought to have inherited this reduced Fel D1 protein and are similarly classed as better for allergy sufferers.

An additional factor to consider is that the siamese simply doesn’t shed as much as many other cat breeds. It does shed, but their fur is shorter and finer than many other breeds so it doesn’t seem as noticeable as other cats – this may be a factor to consider if you suffer from cat allergies.

close up of the head of a lilac point siamese cat with deep blue eyes lying
Lilac Point Siamese Cat

What Sort Of Personality Do Chocolate Point Siamese Have?

These Siamese have a similar personality to other Siamese cats. The only difference between them is their color.

Siamese cats are known for being social with people and cats, playful, confident, vocal, and intelligent. They have pronounced personalities and are very endearing.

They attach strongly to their owners and can be quite needy. If you ignore them they will assert their demands!

They prefer company to being alone for long periods. Cats may do better in pairs if you intend to be out at work all day leaving the home empty.  If you leave a Siamese cat alone for too long they will probably get up to mischief in order to occupy themselves – so be warned!

If a talkative cat is going to wind you up the siamese is probably a breed to avoid. 

Are Chocolate Color Points Expensive?

They are rarer than other types of Siamese cats and this tends to reflect in the price. You can generally get a seal point siamese for $400 – $1000, but a choc point is going to come in at $600 – $2000. 

The price variation is down to papers and breeder reputation. A kitten or cat from a top-level breeder is always going to command a higher premium than a cat from a breeder who has not won prizes or has come from a less “acclaimed” gene pool!

an apple head flame point siamese cat with blue eyes standing watching outdoors
Apple Head Flame Point Siamese

What Other Color Points Are There?

If the price puts you off or the difference in color point is just not dramatic enough to sway you into hunting one of these cats down there are other, handsome, beautiful Siamese colorpoint cat options available.

The seal, chocolate, blue & lilac color points are the officially recognized color points. But these days there are a wonderful array of new combinations coming about through widespread breeding as people try to capture the wonderful qualities of the Siamese cat and match it with some of the other fantastic breeds that are out there.

Flame point, lynx point, cream point, and others are variations of siamese mixed with tabby, American shorthair (of different colors), and the like which are beginning to make waves in the world of Siamese cats. Take a look at them – they are remarkably distinctive!