a havana brown cat in sphinx pose on a windowsill

A Guide To The Havana Brown Cat

The Havana Brown is a gorgeous brown-hued shorthaired cat developed as a result of breeding between Siamese and domestic black cats.

Popular for their attractive brown coat and playful nature, these cats are one of the most extraordinary cat breeds in the world. Although they are quite a rare breed now, you will still find some of these cats through reputable breeders.

Before you decide to get one of these exceptional cats, it’d be wise to go through all the necessary details about this particular cat breed. 

Fortunately, we’ve done the job for you. 

We’ve categorized all the essential pieces of information about this cat breed so that it becomes easier for you to make up your mind about adopting this unique cat.

An Overview of the Havana Brown Cat Information 

The Havana Brown Cat is a phenomenal cat breed. Known for their social and curious personality, these cats can bring joy to any family. Especially if you have children in the family, you can easily expect this cat to work its charm through them.

Here’s a quick outline of everything that you need to know about the Havana Brown Cat —

Height9-11 in.
Weight 6- 12 lbs.
Lifespan8-13 years
TemperamentDocile, affectionate, intelligent, playful
Activity LevelCalm
CompatibilityHigh compatibility with kids and other pets
ColorsBrown with mahogany tones, warm chocolate
Prey DriveLow
a havana brown cat sitting outdoors in a garden


In terms of physical characteristics, the Havana Brown cat is graceful and gorgeous. The main point of interest in this cat is its mink-like coat that comes in a rich brown color. 

Havana Brown cats have round eyes in vivid shades of green. The bright and clear green hue in their eyes makes these cats look pleasantly beautiful. These cats bear a somewhat triangular head with a uniform-shaped chin from their Siamese cat breed heritage. The muzzle looks like a cone due to the unique shape of the head.

Built with a muscular body, these cats look quite strong and athletic. Male cats have a larger body compared to female cats. The ears are large and upright with a tilt in the front.

Havana brown cats can be easily identified through their short coat length, which appears soft and glossy. The coat comes in a glistening reddish-brown color imitating the shade of a rich brown cigar. 

Some kittens often show ghost tabby patterns that are gone by the adult stage. Such a unique colored coat definitely sets this cat breed apart from other cat breeds out there.

Both the legs and tail of the cat are quite slim, accompanied by a medium neck and torso. Their tails are often curled forwards or held high above the backs. The paw pads are oval with a distinct rosy color. 

These cats have brown noses with rose undertones. Another interesting feature about these cats is that their whiskers exhibit the same rich brown color as their smooth coats.


The Havana Brown has a controversial history. Till today, no one can possibly say whether this cat was developed through intentional breeding or an accidental one.

The first Havana Brown kitten was born in 1952 in England and was named Elmtower Bronze Idol, which led to the development of four similar brown male cats by the next year. 

It was originally named Havana Brown after its striking resemblance to the rich brown and warm color of the Havana cigar

This naming created confusion among people on whether it was originally an English breed or originated from Havana, Cuba. Attempts were also made in renaming the breed to “Chestnut Brown” but later, the original name was restored again.


Havana Brown cats have a strong and loving personality compared to other cat breeds. They are intelligent, inquisitive, and affectionate pets.

Usually, these cats are known to be devoted only to their owners and appear somewhat shy and low-key. They prefer staying indoors and like living in relaxed settings. 

Even though they are known to be soft-spoken, they get along quite well with other cats, children, and other members of the family. They love indulging in the company of fellow felines and tend to be quite mischievous. 

These cats are moderately active and would love to engage in sprints or tag games every now and then. However, on most occasions, they prefer less-active pursuits. Taking frequent naps, bathing their soft toys, etc., are some of their favorite indoor activities. 

Havana Brown cats have an amicable and friendly personality. They love the company of people and are known to seek attention from humans in many ways. Some of these ways include reaching out to people with their paws and circling around their owners when it’s time to play.

These cats are very much devoted to their owners, so if you’re looking for a pet that can accompany you all day — this is the breed you should look for. The best thing about these cats is that they have adaptable personalities. 

They can adjust to any environment with absolute confidence, so you don’t need to worry too much about them. 

Havana Brown cats also do not require high maintenance, frequent grooming, or selective nutritional requirements. As a pet owner, these things can be very concerning. But with such marvelous cats, it won’t be an issue at all!

They are also quite well-behaved cats. You can expect these cats to wait for you at the door and grab a seat next to you when you’re sitting on the sofa. 

Since they have such a social and easygoing personality, Havana Brown cats do not like remaining alone for an extended period of time. So, if you’re someone who lives alone and needs to stay out for long hours, it could turn out to be a big problem. 


Havana Brown cats weigh from 6-12 pounds on average. Male Havana Brown cats weigh up to 12 pounds while the female cats are quite small, weighing 8 pounds or even less. Their body length is around 12-15 inches, and their height is around 9-11 inches approximately.


As the name suggests, Havana Brown Cats come in rich brown color. With mahogany undertones, this cat looks exquisitely gorgeous. They can be distinguished from Burmese cats because of such a warm brown color with reddish tones. 

Some cats appear dark chocolate brown in color, which is also a stunning shade. Another rare color that you might find this cat in is a deep lilac color. 

an adult havana brown cat with green eyes sitting by a window

Health Issues 

The Havana Brown cats are usually very healthy, but just like any other cat breed, they might be prone to some health issues. Some of the health problems are usually genetic.

The most common health issue in Havana Brown cats is a heart disease called cardiomyopathy. It can develop in Havana Brown cats as a result of genetic predisposition in the breed line in some cases. In some cases, it develops due to associated thyroid disorder in Harvard Brown cats. 

Havana Brown cats are highly susceptible to skin atopy that result from food or mold allergies. If you find your cat suffering from excessive itching and licking the affected area continuously, it might be a case of allergy. 

This can be a life-threatening situation for your cat, and it demands immediate consultation and treatment from your vet.

Other health issues that your Havana Brown cat may face are diabetes, hyperthyroidism, urinary tract infection, genetically derived renal diseases and hemophilia. 

All of these health conditions are treatable if diagnosed at an early stage. We recommend taking a detailed history of any of the genetic diseases in the breed line of your cat from the breeder. You should also conduct routine medical checkups of your cat once or twice a year to diagnose any health issue for prompt treatment.

How Much Do Havana Brown Cats Cost?

Havana Brown cats are one of the rarest cat breeds in the world, which is why they can be quite expensive to purchase. How much do Havana brown cats cost? Lesser-known breeders can provide you with a medium-sized Havana brown cat or a 3-month-old cat at about $800-$1300 respectively. 

However, the prices may increase if you’re getting one from a reputable breeder. Since they are not very easy to obtain, you might even have to pay around $1500 for an average-sized cat. These cats are rare because of their low breeding pool, which contributes to the high price range for these cats.

Final Words

Wrapping it up, it can be said that the Havana Brown Cat is an interesting cat breed that deserves all the hype around it. 

Its striking physical features and loving nature has helped the cat gain worldwide recognition and fame as a wonderful pet. So, if you’re looking for an everyday companion, you won’t be disappointed with this fascinating little cat.