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Is It Ok To Put A Cat In A Room At Night?

Is it ok to put a cat in a room at night? Is confining a cat to a room at night cruel? Yes, it is ok. It can be a very good idea for you and your cat. So long as the room is a decent size and your cat has the necessary facilities it is not cruel. Read on to learn why keeping a cat in one room at night is a good idea…

Cats are crepuscular animals. It’s in their nature to want to wander at dusk and dawn, and it can drive new cat owners crazy when their feline friend doesn’t let them get sleep at night. For some people, putting the cat in a room at night might be the solution but they don’t want to be cruel. So, is it ok to put a cat in a room at night?

Bringing your new kitty home is a rewarding feeling. New owners need to spend a few days bonding with their cats to help them overcome the separation anxiety associated with leaving their mom.

As a result, many new owners make the mistake of letting their cats sleep in their beds. As the cat grows up, it treats your bed as its bed, and that ends up with a few sleepless nights from time to time, especially around the full moon.

It’s possible to train crepuscular behavior out of cats. You can tire them out before bedtime with some action and feed them in the evening to reduce their need to go out and find food at night.

However, the best course of action to prevent your cat from disturbing your sleep – is to put them in a separate room.

Some cat owners might have a problem leaving their kitty alone at night, and they might think locking them in a room is cruel.

Is It Ok To Put A Cat In A Room At Night?

The reality is cats are independent animals. Sure, they rely on your for food and shelter, but they have a strong character, and they can spend the night in a separate room without you. Is it cruel to keep a cat in one room? Not if it is just overnight.

A cat room or “cattery” is a dedicated space for your kitty to play, relax, hide, and sleep. Your cattery size can vary depending on how many cats you own and the size of your living space.

If you have a house with an empty room, using it for your cattery gives your animals a palace to play in. However, many cat owners live in apartments, and they might not have a second room to use for the cattery.

If that’s the case, try using a large dome tent as your cattery. It also has the luxury of being portable, so you can take it on vacation rather than leaving your cat in the hands of a cat sitter.

It’s perfectly fine to leave your cat in the cattery overnight. As long as the cat room has all the essentials your kitty needs, they won’t have a problem spending the night away from you.

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Why Do I Need a Cat Room?

Besides the obvious reason for getting more sleep, why do you need a dedicated cat room? There are plenty of side benefits to giving your cat separate living quarters.

The main reason why pet owners research this topic is to get a decent night of sleep. However, there are many other reasons why you might consider setting up a cat room.

Cat Rooms For Senior Cats

If you have a senior cat, and they have arthritis or other medical conditions. A cat room is a great way to keep them comfortable and extend their longevity.

Your cat gets to enjoy the peace and quiet, away from guests to your home, other pets, and related environmental stressors. Medical care is much easier to manage in the controlled environment of a cattery.

Cat Rooms For New Cats Or Kittens

If you have a new kitten or cat coming into your home, you might need to quarantine them for a few weeks from the other people and pets. New cats get anxious quickly, and they need a slow introduction to their living environment.

Even if you have no other pets at home, you’ll need to keep the doors and windows in your home closed for at least two weeks to help your cat adapt. Leaving them to roam means they’ll likely escape and run away.

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Cat Rooms For Aggressive Cats

If your cat has aggression problems, the cat room gives them a space to calm down, away from environmental stressors that trigger the behavior.

If you have friends or family over, the cat room keeps the aggressive cat from scratching or biting your guests when they get too close to your feline.

A cat room also helps you separate aggressive cats from other pets in your home. They get a “time-out” area where they can be by themselves and relive the anxiety or triggers causing aggressive behavior.

Cat Rooms For Separation Anxiety

If you’re bringing a new kitten home, they’ll feel anxious because you’re taking them away from their mother. Giving them a cat room helps promote feelings of security in the kitten, preventing them from feeling separation anxiety.

Separation anxiety also occurs when you leave the house. If you’re going to work, putting your kitty in their cat room for a few hours keeps them out of trouble.

People that live in cities can’t let their cats roam free as the strays and other neighborhood cats might cause fights with your kitty.

A cattery gives your kitty a safe space to relax and play while you’re away from home.

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What Do I Need In A Cattery?

Before bringing home your cat, it’s important to have your cattery set up and ready to receive your new kitty. Make sure your cattery has the following items ready for her.

  • A clean water dish (keep it topped up).
  • Her bed, complete with extra blankets.
  • Her food bowl (make sure it’s clean).
  • A treat dispenser.
  • Cat toys.
  • Scratching post and a hide.
  • A large cat tree.
  • A litter tray.

If you give your cat the whole room, put her litter box in one corner, and always keep it tidy. If you’re using a tent, keep the litter box outside, but close by.

In Closing – Is It Ok To Put A Cat In A Room At Night?

Sure, it’s perfectly fine to keep your kitty in a separate room overnight. However, you’ll need to spend time with them in the room to get them to adapt to the new living environment.

The cat might try to find you at night, and it could take a few weeks to train them into using the cat room. However, they’ll get it eventually, and you’ll get a peaceful night’s sleep.