Kitten Rescued From The Edge Of Death

When you see acts of care like this it warms your heart.

This small stray kitten was tangled in netting it had been playing with in the street and had become so tangled it could not escape.

Lost, abandoned, and slowly fading away tied up in netting it had been playing with it looked like all was lost and the end was near.

Then, by pure chance, a kind individual spotted the kitten’s predicament and called for help.

Help arrived and the kitten was removed from the netting and set down – but the experience had taken its toll on the kitten and it had no strength to continue. 

Fearing the worst, the rescuer decided to take the kitten in and help it as best as possible.

They knew the kitten needed veterinary help so took the kitten to surgery for immediate help.

The vet examined the kitten who was weak and listless. 

The vet identified that the kitten was at the edge of death suffering from hypothermia, and decided to put the kitten on a heat pad to try to revive the kitten.

The kitten survived for the next two hours, its temperature stabilized and the vet was able to begin treatment to try to bring back the kitten’s strength.

The kitten received milk replacement and had its body temperature maintained on a heat mat. 

Over days and nights, the weak kitten was nursed and hand-fed, no one knew whether he would survive to the next day.

Then, a breakthrough! Efforts and relentless care paid off and the kitten began to find his strength again.

Over days and weeks, his strength built up as his carers gave him the milk replacement he needed.

Watch the video and see how “Tarzan” turned out!

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