close up portrait of the face on a lynx point siamese cat staring into distance

Lynx Point Siamese Cat – A Guide

Lynx point siamese cats are fast becoming one of the most popular siamese colorpoints out there. Read on to learn more about this distinctive cat.

Not all mistakes turn out to be terrible. And that was the case when a total fluke led to the breeding and creation of the Lynx Point Siamese Cats. These intelligent, affectionate felines with their vocal personalities are now a favorite amongst many cat-lovers all over the world.

As a blend of the Siamese cat breed and tabby, the cats possess the color point pattern of the former but the calm, gentle nature of the latter. This makes them highly popular as most people love the Siamese coats but do not want to deal with their hyperactive energy. 

If you are planning to adopt one of these adorable little creatures, here is everything that you might need to know about them.

What Is a Lynx Point Siamese Cat? 

The Lynx Point Siamese cats are a mix of seal point Siamese and a tabby Shorthair. These felines have the sought-after color points of a Siamese mixed in with markings of a tabby. 

Although they are not derived from lynxes, the color patterns of their coats resemble those of the wild felines and have given their name “Lynx Point.” 

So, technically “Lynx Point Siamese” does not exist. But it still got the name because of the American Cat Fanciers Association

These cats also go by other names, such as Colorpoint Shorthairs or Tabby Points. In the United States, people officially refer to them as Lynx Colorpoint Shorthair. 

How Did Lynx Point Siamese Cats Come to Be? 

young lynx point siamese with blue eyes climbing over wooden garden structure on a grey day

The creation of Lynx Point Siamese was purely accidental. Sometime in the 1940s, a shorthaired tabby and seal point Siamese procreated and gave birth to a litter of mixed kittens. 

The kittens looked nearly identical to their Siamese parent but did not mirror their feisty personality. And as those kittens mated with more purebred Siamese, the breed further evolved. 

Initially, the siamese mixed cat breed did not gain any popularity. But when the Siamese was recognized by the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) and the Lynx Point as its subset, people slowly began to take more notice of it. 

Initially, there were only two colors: seal and blue point siamese cats. But then someone used a red American Shorthair to create red Points. 

All the qualities and traits of the Lynx Points were well-loved by the general population, which made them quite popular by the 1960s. They are now one of the most beloved mixed breed cats. 

How Do Lynx Point Siamese Cats Look? 

Tabby Points look quite like their Siamese parents. They have a moderate build with strong frames yet slim figures. 

The average weight is around 6-12 pounds. Similar to other breeds, the males tend to be slightly heavier than the females. 

This cat breed is quite athletic. You will find them jumping and climbing at high surfaces as their delicate small oval paws make them extremely surefooted. 

Since they are a descendant of tabby, they also have the distinctive ‘M’ on their forehead. The stripes that give them that shape have their colors outlined at the top of their head. 

As for their coats, the Lynx Points are available in 8 different color options, such as apricot, cinnamon, red, blue, lilac, chocolate, seal, and caramel. If you have heard of silverpoint Siamese, they are actually Tabby Points in blue. 

However, their patterns can vary a lot. One of their distinct features is the color rings covering most of their body, especially their face, legs, and tail. These rings darken with age. 

This breed also has a tortoiseshell pattern, but it is quite rare to see them. It needs to have a rare gene on the X chromosome to get that orange shade. 

With luck on your side, you might find one in an adoption agency, but otherwise, they are very expensive to own. 

adult lynx point siamese cat loafing on galvanised trays outside a barn

Lynx Point Siamese Temperament 

Before you proceed any further, it is very important to know that the temperament of two cats, even of the same breed, is not identical. So, make sure the cat is the right fit for you and your family before you bring them home. 

In contrast to the spicy attitude of the traditional Siamese, Lynx Points seem very watered down. They have a very sweet, docile temperament and love spending all their time with their humans. 

This slow-paced and relaxed feline breed is people-oriented. You will find them trotting behind you everywhere in the house, rubbing their faces against you, and sneaking in snuggles every chance they can get. 

If you have owned other cats before, you might be surprised at how curious and nosy they can get. They will always invade your personal space, needing to be involved in anything and everything. 

Tabby Points can also be very intelligent. They are sharp, quick, and agile, which can wreak complete havoc combined with their playful spirit. 

Give them a few things to play with when you intend to leave them alone. They should have ample free space to run around and spend their pent-up energy. 

And any time you are home, make sure to have some energy to carry long conversations. Seal points can be very chatty, and expect appropriate feedback from you at all times. 

lynx Point Cat Health and Diet 

While Lynx Points are generally a healthy breed, they can still have a few inherent diseases. Some common ones are: 

However, most of them are treatable if caught early. So, make sure to keep those vet checks regular. 

You would also need to maintain a high-quality diet for your kitties. Divide one cup of premium car kibbles into two or three meals a day. 

You can also reward them with cat treats during their training session or to keep them full between meals. 

Can You Exercise and Train Colorpoint Shorthairs?

These felines are playful and do not require much exercise. But you can try taking them for walks or hikes. 

As for training, Tabby Points are quite smart and learn commands fast. Since they love pleasing their owners and want to spend time with them, they work hard to retain those lessons. 

Luckily, they respond well to leashes and do not wander away when you go out for walks. But now and then, their Siamese side acts out and demands to be in charge. Overall, they are one of the easiest breeds to train. 

Do Tabby Point Siamese Cats Shed? 

young lynx point siamese cat peering over pumice stone wall

Yes, they do! They shed like any other traditional types of Siamese cat, but their short, fine hair lengths make it very less noticeable leading to the reputation for being one of the cat breeds that don’t shed.   

It is best to groom them often to avoid developing furballs. Not only would it keep your floors and furniture clean, but it would also stop your cats from throwing up hairs.

Since they have minimal shedding, they can be a good choice for owners with allergies. However, they are not 100% hypoallergenic and may trigger your cat allergies due to the protein present in their bodies.

How Long Do Lynx Point Siamese Cat live? 

The average life expectancy of a Colorpoint Shorthair is around 15-20 years. With proper care, some even live for more. Lynx Points live longer than any other breeds.

Although most breeds, both purebred and mixed breed, have a longer lifetime as all genetic mutations are screened and eradicated by breeders. 

How Much Do Lynx Point Siamese Cost? 

Since Seal Points are not rare, the price range is quite flexible. A well-bred fully vaccinated, healthy kitten from a reputable breeder should cost you at least half a thousand dollars. 

A breeder charging you lower should raise some red flags as it indicates underlying problems. That could be a health disease that would cost you more in treatments in the long run. 

Are Lynx Point Siamese Cat Family-friendly? 

Lynx points are energetic and friendly, so they can get along great with both children and adults. However, they tend to favor the latter more as they are more predictable and less erratic. 

Although, you can use this opportunity to teach your children to respect animals’ private space. This can create a good relationship amongst them, leading to a lot of cuddling during nap times, many hours birdwatching by the windows, and shenanigans that would make you fear for your valuables. 

Lynx Points also get along well with other cat breeds as well as dogs. But it is best to introduce new pets early since they get less tolerable as they grow up. 

Final Words 

Lynx Point Siamese cats can give you the best of both worlds. They can be very affectionate and playful and make great companions. You have different common colors to choose from as well as one rare shade, even though it can be quite expensive. 

Make sure to treat them right and do not let them wander unsupervised so that they can be by your side for their expected two decades or more.