Side profile of a Young Blue Point Siamese Cat with blue eyes staring at unseen object with brick wall in background

Siamese Cat Breed – Info, traits & guide

If you have ever owned one of these cats, you must know what an affectionate and playful breed they are. The Siamese cat breed is unique in almost every way, from their appearance to their temperament. However, this uniqueness might confuse you as to whether you should buy or adopt this breed. Our advice is – you definitely should. Read on to learn more…

In this article, we have explained the reason for this advice. The write-up talks about this breed’s characteristics, personality, health problems, and so on. So, if you want to get a Siamese companion, or are simply looking to become a better owner, keep reading!

Breed Characteristics

These cats are associated primarily with their unique colored coats. The coats are short, fine, glossy, and have no undercoat.

Due to this, Siamese cats are one of the most popular cat breeds that don’t shed. This is a plus point for those owners who suffer from allergies and great if you don’t like seeing cat hair all over your furniture! Weekly brushing will keep this breed looking its best.

They have long and slender bodies with tube-like legs. The hind legs are longer than the front ones, adding more to their tubular look. Also, the nose is pointed, and the ears are wide at the bottom and pointed at the tip. 

The shape of the nose and ear makes their head look completely triangular and acts as another distinguishing point from other breeds.

You’ll notice that the eyes of this breed are almond-shaped and have a striking blue color. Since this breed is part Albino, you will not see any green or hazel-eyed Siamese cats. Their tails are long, thin, and have a pointed end. The paws are oval-shaped and small.

Despite these characteristics, there are actually several different types of Siamese cats. They fall into two groups: traditional and modern. Traditional includes apple head, classic, and old-style Siamese. The modern group includes the wedge head. All these types share the general characteristics but have slightly different variations in head shape and body style.

What Is The History Of The Siamese Cat?

Siamese cats are one of the most ancient breeds in the world. Their records can be found in manuscripts dated as early as the 13th century. The most well-known story of their origin comes from Thailand, which was once known as the Kingdom of Siam. This is what gives the cats their name today.

Siamese in Thailand means “Moon diamond,” referring to their striking blue eyes. This breed was originally known as cats of the palace, as they were found in palaces and temples. They were also known to be the pets of royalty in Thailand. Some legends describe these cats to be guardians of the king even.

In late 1800, the king of Siam gifted these cats to the English Consulate General of Bangkok; this is how the cats made their way into Europe. They were introduced to the US in 1878, as President Rutherford B. Hayes and his wife received this cat as a gift from a US Diplomat.

Now, these cats are more popular than ever and available in most cities in the US; you can opt to buy them directly from a breeder or rescue them from shelters.

Personality Traits And Temperament Of Siamese Cats

Siamese cats don’t just look unique; they have a personality that is quite different from others as well. They are intelligent, social, trainable, and have tremendous energy levels. The key points of their temperament are described below –


These cats are highly intelligent creatures. If you want to stimulate their mental energy, get them busy in finding hidden objects. This breed also responds well to solving puzzles. 

You can train these cats like dogs and teach them how to fetch things, shake their paws handshake style and walk on a leash. While they cannot do most tricks a dog does, they are much more developed than other cats in that area. Therefore, they are often used as show cats. 

Besides, their high intelligence levels sometimes help them to be trained faster than dogs even.

High Energy

This breed has a lot of energy, both physically and mentally. You cannot own a Siamese cat and leave them to do their own thing all day.

Instead, you will need to spend time with them and provide them with outlets to help them spend their energy. Otherwise, they will be up to some form of mischief in no time, and you will be left to clean the mess.

The best way to keep these cats busy is to provide them with lots of high places where they can jump and sit. You can buy a cat tree or get creative and design a playhouse for them by yourself. Buying a scratching post is also recommended.

young lynx point siamese with blue eyes climbing over wooden garden structure on a grey day
Lynx Point Siamese On The Move


Siamese are very sociable and talkative, so they make great companions. However, they are known as dog-like and chatter a lot. This is an excellent point for people who love interacting with their pets. It works well for people who live alone, as these cats can alleviate loneliness to some extent.

But if you are more into silent bonding time with pets, you might want to look into other breeds that are not as talkative.


They are known to be incredibly affectionate. They will constantly follow you around, from your bed to your bathroom. You will definitely need to devote a lot of time to these feline animals, so adopt them only if you can invest that time. 

These cats can often feel depressed if left alone for too long and crave affection like no other. Therefore, it might be best to adopt two of these cats at a time, so they do not end up bored – sometimes a pair of cats is better! If you do not have the resources for that, make sure that your pet is not left alone for too long and give them plenty of toys to enjoy in their alone time.


Siamese are also quite talented in whining and screaming and calm down only when you spend time with them actively. They are so chatty that sometimes you will feel like they are having a conversation with you. 

They have a high-pitched voice, so you must be prepared for some endless screaming and the resulting headaches on bad days.

an apple head flame point siamese cat with blue eyes standing watching outdoors
Flame Point Siamese Cats

Are Siamese Cats Big Or Small?

The size of these cats differs based on their gender. While most male cats weigh around 12 -14 pounds, females weigh around 8 – 10. Besides, male cats usually have a length of 29 to 31 cm, while the females are shorter – at 27 to 29 cm.

What Are The Colors Siamese Cats?

These cats are instantly recognizable by their color point patterns, resulting from them being partially Albino. This is because of the mutation of an enzyme named tyrosinase, which works in melanin production. The most common colors include chocolate point, seal point, lilac point and blue point. The enzyme is activated in cooler body temperatures, usually at 33 degrees Celsius or below. 

Each Siamese kitten is usually white when they are born. By the first few months, they develop some color points at the cooler extremities of their body. These points help to distinguish what colored variation they are and can be identified as soon as they turn 4 weeks old.

According to CFA (Cat Fanciers Association), the breed might come in four colors –

Seal Point

Seal point cats have a cream-colored body. The points are deep seal brown in color, and the nose and paws are similar.

Chocolate Point

The chocolate point siamese cat has an ivory-colored body so is usually slightly whiter in appearance than a seal point. The color points are of a milk chocolate color, and the nose resembles a cinnamon pink with similar pink colored paw pads.

close up portrait of a Blue Point Siamese cat with sky blue eyes
Blue Point Siamese Cat

Blue Point

Blue point siamese cats color is unique, as the body is bluish-white. The points are a deep blue/steel grey color, while the nose and paws are slate-colored.

Lilac Point

Lilac point siamese cats are identified by a white body and a nose and paws that are a mix between lavender and pink. The points look gray to pink.

Besides the points discussed above, the International Cat Association allows the following colors –

Another interesting point is that the coats of these cats tend to get darker as they become older. Additionally, cats living in warmer climates have lighter-looking coats than those in cool climates. This is again due to the deactivation or activation of the tyrosinase enzyme.

close up of the head of a lilac point siamese cat with deep blue eyes lying
lilac point siamese cat

Do Siamese Cats Have Health Issues?

How long do Siamese cats live for? If you take proper care of your cat, they are likely to have a lifespan of 15- 20 years or longer. However, these cats might be more likely than other breeds to develop the following health problems –

Vision Problems

They often suffer from an eye condition called Progressive Retinal Atrophy. In extreme cases, it may cause the cat to go completely blind. Before adopting or buying a cat of the breed, make sure that its parents were tested for this disease.

Some cats also suffer from being cross-eyed. However, that condition is becoming less prevalent now. Anyhow, this will not affect your cat’s health; it will just change their appearance a bit.

Dental Problems

The wedge-shaped heads of this breed make them prone to dental diseases. Mouth and gum disease is one of the most common among those.

Heart Problems

These cats’ hearts are at risk of some cardiovascular diseases such as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and aortic stenosis. While these diseases are not completely curable, their symptoms can be mitigated through proper medicines.

Seal Point Siamese Cat
Seal Point Siamese cat

Respiratory Problems

Many cats of the breed, especially kittens, are diagnosed with respiratory problems. Feline asthma, bronchial disease, lower airway disease, and plain coughing are some of the diseases your cat might have to face.


Amyloidosis is a disease of the liver. This disease occurs in the breed when a type of protein named amyloid is deposited in the liver.

Cat Cancer

Unfortunately, cancer is quite a common disease among this breed. The best way to ensure that this does not happen to your cat is to choose a breeder who has never had a history of cat cancer among the ones they bred.

How Much Do Siamese Cats Cost?

So what does a Siamese cat cost? The price of these cats depends upon a lot of things. For instance, the color point you want, if you are willing to adopt, whether you want a show-quality cat or just a purebred pet, etc. Based on these, a cat from the breed can cost anywhere from $250 – $3000.

Most show-quality cats usually cost a lot since they are certified, have gone through vigorous wellness checks, and have a record of genetic approval. These usually cost somewhere around $3000. If you are okay with a normal purebred pet and are not interested in a top show cat, you can easily find a very high-quality cat measured against breed standards and certified in the $1200 range.

Generally, it is important to buy your cat from a breeder of good standing if you want breed certificates and assurances to breed quality. If you buy from a breeder who doesn’t focus on show cats and certified cats, chances are you will be able to save a considerable sum and still acquire a very nice cat with all the characteristics of the breed without being an absolute “thoroughbred”.

You can also choose to adopt, which will significantly lower your purchasing cost. However, these are popular cats and don’t come up for adoption on a regular basis.

lilac point siamese cat with blue eyes lying in fur lined cat bed
Blue Point Siamese Cat

Be prepared to spend a good amount on food and toys as well, as the average cat needs a high protein diet. You might need to spend around $300 for food for each cat every year. Vet checkups will require somewhat the same amount. But you can try to reduce the amount by using pet insurance. 

Final Thoughts

Owning a cat from the Siamese cat breed can definitely make your life feel better if you have all the relevant knowledge you need. We hope that this article has provided you with that information. So, the next time you are feeling a little lonely and thinking of getting a new pet, definitely look into this amazing breed!