seal point siamese cat with blue eyes lounging on cat tree

8 Types Of Siamese Cat

If you’re looking for a pet that will stick by your side at all times, we suggest getting a siamese cat

These little furry felines are easy to maintain and will ask for more attention than your clingy partner! They are highly intelligent, are known for their personalities, and have a wonderful pointed short fine coat that doesn’t shed as much as other cat breeds. 

However, there are so many different types of Siamese cat that it can become difficult to choose the best one for you.

So today, we have picked out 8 different types of Siamese cat to help you decide. We have also included a little section that tells you exactly how each type of siamese differs from the other types. 

8 Different Siamese Cat Types

First up we have three traditional types of Siamese cats then we move on to a modern variant followed by four different color points for those of you more interested in coat color rather than body shape and form :

Classic Siamese Cat

classic siamese cat sitting indoors

As the name suggests, this is one of the original Siamese cat variants. The classic cat is widely known because of its tall body and athletic build. When compared to the other traditional Siamese types, this cat is one of the tallest in height, with features like a long tail and big ears. 

In terms of behavior, these cats are quite warm and affectionate towards their owners. Despite being calm for most parts of the day, they tend to be quite energetic and playful. Also, like most animals, these cats just love getting attention. So it is expected of them to come and ask for pats when you’re busy working.

Applehead Siamese Cat

applehead siamese cat in sphinx pose

As the name suggests, the Applehead Siamese cat was recognized because of its round head shape. The head looks more like an apple because of its downward-pointing nose.  

Their ears are smaller in shape compared to other Siamese breeds, which in turn makes their head look rounder than usual. These cats are perfect for those who want a cuddly and soft cat to keep around the house.

As they have a thick layer of fur, it is an absolute joy to pet them. The appleheads are very playful and just love to be cuddled. These are the kinds of pets that will help you fall asleep faster because of their soft body. They are also very vocal about their needs, so if they feel neglected, you might be meow-ed at frequently.

What’s more, maintaining an Applehead is also quite easy. Since they have short fur, you don’t have to bathe them very frequently. However, they are quite obsessive about grooming themselves. This can sometimes lead to excessive grooming, which in turn causes bald spots, so watch out for that.

Old Style Siamese Cat

Side profile of a Young Blue Point old style Siamese Cat with blue eyes staring at unseen object with brick wall in background

This is another one of the traditional types of Siamese cats that have existed for decades. The Old Style cats are closer to their Classic Siamese cousins than the Appleheads. 

They tend to have a medium-sized body that is quite muscular and fit. Their face is like the Classic Siamese cats except for their nose, which points straight instead of upwards. Other than that, they also have large ears, which helps to distinguish them from the rest easily.

Old Style Siamese cats are the kinds that get obsessed with their owners. If you keep giving them affection and cuddles on the regular, they are bound to keep following you everywhere you go. 

Wedge Siamese Cat

modern wedge head siamese cat

This type of Siamese cat is newer than the previously discussed traditional types. Through numerous natural mutations, these modern siamese types have come into existence. 

The Wedge Siamese cat gets its name from the shape of its head. A round wedged head shape along with a lean body is what sets them apart from the rest. Their pointed head is accompanied by wide ears and a pair of long limbs.

In addition, these cats will make an effort to engage in conversation with you. As vocal as they may be, their voices are very soft and soothing. With their slanted expressive eyes and tendency to voice out their feelings, these cats are a joy to be around.

One thing you must be very careful with when petting your own wedge siamese cat is their diet. As cats are a modern breed, they are very prone to ear infections and health issues. We would advise you to get regular appointments with the vet and maintain a high-protein diet for them.

Furthermore, you need to flood your house with different kinds of toys to keep them busy. These cats are very energetic, and keeping them busy will help you remain focused on your day-to-day tasks.

Tabby Point Siamese Cat Or Lynx Point

young lynx point siamese cat peering over pumice stone wall

As breeders have begun to experiment with the genetic mutations resulting from cross-breeding, there are other color variations of mixed Siamese cats

The tabby point is a siamese cat that is mainly white in color but has striped tabby points at the face, paws, and tail. Check out our article here on tabby point siamese cats for more in-depth information.

Lilac Point Siamese Cat

close up of the head of a lilac point siamese cat with deep blue eyes lying

These cats have quite an unusual and rare color tone. The lilac point gets its name after its fur accents which have both gray and blue tones. These cats have slight hints of lilac across their body (mainly on their head), which makes them stand out.

You can get more information on lilac point siamese cats in the linked article.

Seal Point Siamese Cat

seal point siamese cat with blue eyes outdoors

These cats belong to a segment of the Siamese breed that has darker fur. The seal point siamese cat is much darker than cream or lilac points. 

The cat is named after a Seal mainly because of the dark brown color that covers most of its body. In some cases, the brown color gets darker in some regions and fades to black near the head. 

They can be easily confused with chocolate point siamese cats but the chocolate point has a pinkish-brown pad and nose whereas the seal point has dark black paw pads and noses.

Snowshoe Siamese Cat

snow shoe siamese cat with blue eyes outdoors

These cats are quite a rare find for cat owners but tend to be one of the best companions. The Snowshoe Siamese cat is perfect for owners that spend most of their time indoors. They are intelligent and witty beings who love to give and receive affectionate gestures. 

The calm and gentle-minded nature of the Snowshoe allows them to get along with owners and animals alike. They tend to be very welcoming and warm. While most other cats see dogs or other pets as competition, the Snowshoe is most likely to befriend any other animals you have in the house.

Final Words

The wide selection of siamese cat types makes the decision process quite overwhelming. While most of them are cheerful and affectionate, you should try to pick one that suits your lifestyle the best. 

We hope this article has given you enough detail to help you choose your feline companion.