Welcome To Kitty Insight

I am Anthony. I have been a cat guardian for over ten years. As a kid, i wasn’t allowed to keep pets. I came from a big family and the cost was a concern for my parents.

Once I moved out of home and got settled in my own life one of the first things I did was adopt a cat called Cleo.

Cleo is a female moggy. She was an unrequired kitten. Her owner bred cats with a distinctive look for TV. A moggy like Cleo didn’t make the grade so had to go.

I immediately fell in love with Cleo. She had some Siamese ancestry so had slender limbs a pointed face and very pointed ears. Her look reminded me of Egyptian cat statues and cat representation in Egyptian art. The only female Egyptian name that came to mind was Cleopatra and so she was named Cleo.

The problem with being a first-time owner is that on a practical level you know nothing – when to feed, how much to feed, should they be outdoors, what is normal behavior, are they ill or just acting naturally?

A whole new world is opened to you….

This Site

This site has come about because I remember all those questions and concerns and also some of the interesting stuff I have come across along the way.

I want to record all that interesting information so that when someone like me comes along next time, they can find a central source of to-the-point interesting information without having to pick little bits of knowledge up from various corners of the web.

The aim is to someday have collected together an encyclopedic information source that answers all the questions that new (and experienced) cat guardians might need or ask themselves from time to time.

Hopefully, some of the information will be fun, some will be revelationary, some will open and widen our knowledge and most will make us better cat owners and help us to understand our cats better.

Here is the thing – I am not a vet, trained nutritionist, animal behaviorist, or another such verifiable expert. I am just a cat guardian traveling through life looking for the best options that strike a chord with me or seem to make good sense – I don’t intend to give any medical advice other than getting to a vet if you are faced with such and such a scenario.

Where I can, I will look to verify facts and knowledge from expert sources although sometimes the combined weight of owner opinion is as expert as you need…


If you see something wrong, something you disagree with, or have some interesting facts that might need adding to something you read on the site feel free to drop me a line.

If you have an amazing tip that you just have to share with the cat world, drop me a line.

If you would like to contribute or add your insight, drop me a line.

I can be contacted through the contact form on the contact us page.

Anthony Duggan