Cat Advice

three kittens in straw

Mother Cat Sitting On Kittens

Why is my cat sitting on her kittens? This is a common question for cat guardians who have a cat with a litter. The answer is usually related to the lack of availability of space available for nursing her kittens, temperature issues, other environmental issues, or plain inexperienced mothering. Let’s …

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close up of a badass tabby cat snarling at an unseen foe

Do Cats Fight To The Death?

Do cats fight to the death? No, they don’t. Usually, they escalate confrontation till one or the other retreats accepting their lack of strength or dominance over the other. But, that is not to say that on occasion cats can kill each other. Sometimes, especially with feral cats, cats can …

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close up of a grey cats planted open paw with claws fully extended

I Stepped On Cat’s Paw!

I stepped on my cat’s paw – what should I do? First off, don’t panic. These things happen, especially with cats that have a tendency to get under feet! First off, observe how your cat moves. Ascertain whether they are in pain and then make a plan of action from …

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close up of a cat drinking from a large dish tongue out

Can Cats Drink Cold Water?

Can cats drink cold water? Yes, they can and in most instances, they prefer cold water. Cats associate cold water with freshness and cleanliness so are more inclined to drink cold water and will most likely drink more water if chilled. Find out more about cats and their preferred water …

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grey cat relaxing on orange sofa

Cat Peed On Couch – Why?

Has your cat peed on the couch suddenly or in front of you? Why have they done that? The most likely reason for their inappropriate urination is that they either have a medical issue, a territorial issue, anxiety, or litter box problems. Lets check it out in more detail and …

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two cats running playfully through a house going hyper

Why Do Cats Pant When Playing

Why do cats pant when playing? Because they have stressed their body with physical exertion beyond the normal levels and need to increase their respiration rate to oxygenate their blood and feed their muscles to allow increased activity to go ahead. Exactly the same as when you do exercise and …

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a black cat in amongst garden ferns

Are Ferns Toxic To Cats?

Ferns are popular house and garden plants. They offer evergreen foliage that can brighten up shaded and dark areas as well as bright rooms. They are a popular choice for many householders because they tend to be very easy to care for. But, what if you have a cat? Are …

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close up of a chocolate, vanilla and raspberry ripple sundae with a cherry on top

Can Cats Eat Ice Cream?

Can cats eat ice cream? Is ice cream bad for cats? You shouldn’t give your cat ice cream because they are lactose intolerant, ice cream contains too much sugar and there may be traces of substances that are toxic to cats in human ice cream – however, in very small …

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three hand made chocolates on chocolate dusted counter

Can Cats Eat Chocolate?

Can cats eat chocolate? What about white chocolate? White chocolate is ok for cats but all milk and dark chocolates are highly toxic! Read on to learn more… Are you enjoying a chocolate bar while lying on the couch? As you watch your favorite show, your cat decides to join …

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