fluffy grey tabby ragamuffin cat sitting staring forward

13 Most Popular Fluffy Cat Breeds

Fluffy cat breeds are amongst the most popular choices with cat owners. Everyone seems to love a cuddly and cute cat! Check out some of these super fluffy long-haired beauties here…

The Furry Coat of Cats

You may be surprised to hear that often cats do not have a single layer of a furry coat, some cats have up to 2 layers. The two layers are called the topcoat, and undercoat, and each of these layers has different purposes. 

Topcoats protect from rain and snow, and other environmental hazards like UV light, and vegetation. Undercoats provide a thermal barrier like wearing a vest! Some of the fluffiest cats in the world have two coats – two coats can give a lot of fluffy volume! Most long-haired cats have two coats so most of the popular fluffy cat breeds are actually long haired cats – and that means they need lots of grooming!

Read on to learm more about these popular cats.

There are over 70 breeds of cats in the world that we are sure to look adorable, but for today’s article, we will specifically be talking about the 13 fluffiest!


orange persian cat with fluffy tail sleeping on a chair head on paws

Coming up first on our list, we have the Persian Cats, and we are certain that you all have heard of this cat breed since it is probably the most popular cat breed!

The Persian has a beautiful long coat and a flat face that could easily melt anyone’s heart. On top of that, Persian cats have a sweet voice and a majestic tail. 

With the beautiful fur coat comes a lot of maintenance. You will have to brush this cat’s coat every day using a metal comb, bathe it every week with shampoo, and finally blow-dry it, so your pet holds its beauty.

These cats have a reputation for being low-energy cats. They are ground-loving cats that are loyal, social with people they know, and make great lap cats – they are ideal if you can’t be home all day, they will just sleep the day away, and ideal for older folk who don’t want a young cat that is too energetic or demanding.

Maine Coon

orange and white maine coon climbing tree branches outdoors

If you are someone who loves to hug a big cat, you might want to take a look at this cat breed. The Maine Coon is a huge cat with a thick furry tail, a notable neck ruff, tufted ears, as well as furry feet. 

Its giant figure may intimidate you, but we must tell you that the Main Coon is actually a very friendly cat breed that loves it when people come and stroke their thick and fluffy coats. 

Their size often makes them confident cats and they make great family pets. They like children, and other cats and can get on with dogs! They are intelligent cats and it is often said that they are one of the most dog-like cat breeds in the world!

The furry coat of the Main Coon, along with its friendly nature, makes it one of the most popular cat breeds. One great thing about the Main Coon is that you only have to brush its coat every week.


fluffy white and brown ragdoll cat on patrol outdoors

With an adorable face and pretty blue eyes, the Ragdoll is a truly beautiful cat. It is a big cat, but it is very gentle and friendly in nature, which means it gets along with everyone and other animals as well.

Some may say that the Ragdoll is like a puppy in many ways. Its name is given because, at times, this breed goes limp.

They are a natural breed that hasn’t come about by people manipulating genetics. This means they are generally very healthy cats.

You will be pleased to hear that the Ragdoll is also a low-maintenance cat that doesn’t shed much, and you will only need to brush its brush just about once a week.


fluffy grey tabby ragamuffin cat sitting staring forward

The Ragamuffin can be called a cousin of the Ragdoll and shares many of the same characteristics as the Ragdoll breed – except they are not color pointed! This breed of cat has a very thick coat of fur, which makes it a popular breed of cat. 

Like the Ragdoll, when relaxing, the Ragamuffin goes limp. Additionally, cats of this breed are very friendly, and they can get attached to you, and they will follow you around as you go around your house. 

You will not worry about a lot of maintenance either with the Ragamuffin, since it also requires a weekly brush.


chocolate point himalayan cat loafing on lawn with eyes closed

The Himalayan is a relative of the Persian cats, and some cat registries refer to them as the Himalayan Persians. But calling it just Persian would be wrong since it is a crossbreed of the Persian and the Siamese, as you can see from the unique coloring from the Siamese and the fluffy coat from the Persian. 

This breed of cat is a bit shy but will get along with its owner well. They are also quite lazy, so they are perfect for snuggling up with. Since it has the coat of the Persian breed, you will need to brush its coat every day and bathe it every week, which is a lot of maintenance. 


a fluffy brown somali cat with green eyes lying on a parquet floor

For people who love cats that are very active, and friendly the Somali would be a great furry friend. The Somali has an athletic physique and is generally very muscular. However, the good thing is that they also have a beautiful long coat.

If you wish to adopt a Somali, you should know that this breed must exercise a lot. 

Although you only have to brush the furry coat of the Somali once a week, it sheds a lot of fur. This breed of cat will keep you busy sometimes since it is very social and active and can easily get along with strangers.


seal point fluffy birman cat with blue eyes sitting looking upward

You may be able to tell from its name, this breed of cats comes from Burma. The Birman is a very calm cat who does play sometimes but for very short periods. They are not too shy, but they usually stick to their owners rather than socializing with passing strangers. 

In size, the Birman are big cats, and they have a soft and beautiful coat, making them one of the most loved fluffy cat breeds. 

These cats are also another low-maintenance breed, requiring the weekly brush to get rid of all the dead hairs. 


a fluffy grey tabby siberian cat sitting on a wall

Perhaps the fluffiest cat on the planet! Originating from the cold of Siberia, the Siberian has a double coat to protect it from harsh weather.

This breed is the cat very intelligent, and they pick up on things very easily. They will not be playful with strangers right away but will certainly be close to all the members of your family. 

Brushing its thick, double coat once a week will do for most of the year, but daily brushing is a must when shedding season arrives. 

Norwegian Forest Cat

A charcoal silver and white norwegian forest cat sitting in a garden staring to camera

As its name suggests, the Norwegian forest cat is from Norway. With a muscular build, this breed of cat loves to climb things and stay on higher ground, so you may see it often sitting on top of your cupboard. 

Their breed dates back to the Viking times. They are known to be great hunters that have no fear of water and a waterproof topcoat – this meant they were ideal ship’s cats for the Vikings who took them on voyages to protect the crew’s rations from vermin.

They are not always active, but we must say that this cat will get along with anyone, including dogs! For grooming, you will have to brush it once a week, but sometimes you will need to do it twice. 

 Japanese Bobtail

calico japanese bobtail cat crouching

If you talk about the Japanese Bobtail with Japanese people, you will know that this breed is considered good luck in Japan. This means that the bobtail is very much appreciated and loved.

They also have a very cute face, short dense furry coat, and a little bobtail, making them so loveable. 

The Japanese bobtail cat breed is an active and friendly breed of cat that gets along with most people. They are good with other cats and even dogs so make great family pets!

In terms of grooming, they need to be brushed once a week or sometimes twice, and during shedding season, you may need to brush them daily.

Turkish Angora

close up portrait of a fluffy ginger turkish angorra cat sitting in a bathroom

The Turkish Angora is a fluffy cat with a bushy tail regardless of having short to medium-length hair. These breeds are mostly white, but they can actually be of any color and may even have different patterns on them. 

If you are looking for a cat who will keep you busy, the Turkish Angora would be suitable for you since it is very energetic and social.

They do not shed much, so you will have to brush them only once a week, which makes it a low-maintenance cat. 

British Longhair

a close up grey british longhair cat with copper colored eyes relaxing in sphynx pose

The British Longhair would be a great match for people who want a family cat who will be low maintenance but always around and part of the family action.

The British Longhair loves to curl up with its owner but is not necessarily a lap cat. They are not clingy or vocal cats but enjoy some family time in between going about their own business of patrolling and keeping an eye on activity.

They are very affectionate and love the attention of their family members. However, they can be aloof cats and need some time to adjust to strangers. 

The shorthair variant does not have very long hair, the fur is very plush and dense. They have an undercoat and top coat that is tight. Their rotund, muscular body, short legs and big round face, and chubby cheeks have earned them the moniker of the “teddy bear” of the cat world.

The longhair variant still has the same body type and cheeky face – they simply have a longer top coat!

Both variants are famed for their orange eyes.

They need weekly grooming particularly in spring and autumn when they shed their coats, but other than that they are low maintenance and pretty easy to live with.

Nebelung Cat

Grey nebelung cat with green eyes sitting on garden lawn looking to camera

The Nebelung cat is the long-haired version of the Russian Blue cat breed. So if you like a solid blue cat but want a long-haired version then this could be a good choice for you!

They are rare in many parts of the world as they are a relatively recently recognized cat breed that is not yet fully recognized worldwide.

They are large, long cats with a solid grey blue coat, bushy tail, and green eyes – if their eyes are not green they are not a Nebelung!

They are intelligent, but calm cats that make great pets and can be kept indoors without problems. Some intelligent cats can be unnecessarily clingy and demanding but not the Nebelung.

Many owners suggest, that like the Maine coon, these cats sometimes seem to have dog-like characteristics in so much as they are incredibly loyal and forge strong bonds with their family – just watch out though, they are also known to pick a favored person in the family!

Their coat is usually mid to long in length and features an undercoat so regular grooming is essential!

Final Words

After showing you the 13 most popular fluffy cat breeds, we hope that you have found a breed that not only looks adorable to you but also matches your personality.

A very important thing you should always think about before getting one of these cats is whether you really have the time and inclination for the grooming and maintenance that long-haired fluffy cats tend to need.

It is also smart to consider whether you can put up with all the hair that fluffy cats tend to shed – if you have allergies or just don’t appreciate hair all over your clothes and environment then it might be worth considering a different type of cat.