curious orange devon rex kitten stalking across a lawn

4 Curly Hair Cat Breeds You Need To Know About

A curly haired cat can be a top choice if you are looking for a distinctive cat. Check out these cats with curly hair to see the best options available.

If you’re looking for a pet that will stick by your side at all times, we suggest getting a curly-haired cat. These little furry felines are easy to maintain and will ask for more attention than your clingy partner. However, there are so many different curly haired cat breeds that it becomes difficult to choose.

So, today, we have picked out the top 4 curly-haired breeds of cats to help you decide. We have also included a little section that tells you exactly why you should keep cats around you. 

1. LaPerm

chocolate and silver lynx laperm cat with wavy fur lying on leather sofa. curly hair cat breed.

A truly uncommon type of curly-haired cat is the LaPerm, mainly because of its high price. These cats are primarily known for their high aesthetic value as well as their calm and quiet nature.

In terms of looks, the cat is pretty large with a thick fur coat around it. Compared to other cats, LaPerms are more muscular with a long furry tail. 

The shape of their head also differs from other cats. The thick curly hair tends to make the cat’s head appear rounder, with their ears spaced far apart.

What makes them fascinating is the fact that they aren’t born with thick curly fur. It is quite the opposite as newborn LaPerms can be entirely bald or have short hair. Their true wavy and soft fur begins to show after a few years.

This is the type of cat who remains quiet around the house, but once they’re in the mood to play, it’ll be hard to tire this one out. LaPerms are generally very playful, and they love to climb places. 

So, if you see your cat on your favorite bookshelf, you must know it is the climb that they enjoy and not the bookshelf itself.

2. Cornish Rex

white curly haired cornish rex kitten with big ears sitting on white background. curly hair cats.

Originated from Cornwall in England, the Cornish Rex is a cat that can be distinguished easily from other breeds. These cats are quite sensitive to climate changes around them mainly because of their thin fur coat. However, they are still very gorgeous and slender.

These cats tend to be very playful and attention-seeking in nature. Unlike other cats, the Cornish Rex cat isn’t afraid to make new friends. They aren’t used to living outdoors, and the comforts within your home should be just fine for them. 

The cat’s body is quite slim, and their fur doesn’t do much to puff them up either. They have a relatively long tail with noticeably large bat-like ears. Since they have thin fur, you need to be careful when setting the temperature of your home. 

3. Selkirk Rex

a grey curly hair selkirk rex cat with amber eyes sitting on kitchen table. curly fur cat breed.

The Selkirk Rex is a true anomaly when compared to its Rex cousins. Originated from Montana in the United States, the cat is a product of a series of natural genetic mutations. 

If we were to find out why this cat turned out so different, we’d have to take a walk down to the history of its origins. Back in 1987, a breeder named Jeri Newman took a curly-haired cat under her care. Shortly after, the cat was bred with a Persian male, and the result was 6 kittens, where 3 were ordinary, and the other 3 were Selkirks. 

Contradictory to other Rex cats, the Selkirk has short curly-haired fur. The softness of the fur coat will almost make you think as if it was wool. 

As they contain the genes of Persian cats, Selkirks tend to be very calm and relaxed. You will often find them sitting quietly on your lap without needing too much playtime or attention.

4. Devon Rex

curious orange devon rex kitten stalking across a lawn. curly hair cats.

Like its distant cousin, the Cornish Rex, Devon Rex cats have a thin profile with a thin layer of curly fur. That is why they are mainly ideal for people who are allergic to cat fur as they barely shed.

This cat was first sighted in England back in 1960, where people thought this a Cornish Rex first. But soon after a series of DNA tests, the cat was known to have its own breed name.

Its skinny facial features with large ears and big button eyes are why people often refer to it as “the alien cat.”

Why Should You Be Raising Cats?

First things first, before picking out a cat, you need to know exactly why you should choose them over any other pet options.

Teaches Discipline

One thing we love about cats is how well they manage to keep themselves clean. Most if not all cat breeds prefer being clean and tidy. Even if you don’t give them regular baths, you will notice them licking themselves clean. Their tongues have a rough texture which allows them to get rid of fleas and dirt easily. 

This specific trait keeps cat owners in check, and they fall into a regular schedule of keeping their cat beds, and food bowls clean. 

Furthermore, cats follow a regular sleeping schedule which causes them to wake up early in the morning. As a result, if you’re sleeping in the same room as your feline friend, they are bound to come and lick your face till you wake up. 

This is perfect for people who have a hard time waking up every morning to the sound of their alarms.

Reduces Muscle Tension

Many of you might not be aware of this next one, but cats are, in fact, able to reduce the build-up of stress in your joints. You might be wondering how they do so. Well, firstly, for this to work, you need to be in close contact with your cat when sleeping. Maybe you can place their bed near yours or have them sleep directly on your bed.

Once your cat is asleep, it will begin to snore at a sound frequency of 20-140 Hz. This particular sound level has been scientifically known to relax tense muscles. To further enhance this healing process, you can even hold or cuddle with your cat.

Preventing High Blood Pressure

Interacting with cats brings about a certain sense of warmth and affection inside humans. When playing with cats, your brain tends to release many happy chemicals such as serotonin and oxytocin. These chemicals are necessary for the well-being of people. 

According to research, having a good relationship with your pet cat reduces your chances of strokes and heart attacks by almost 30%! That is because the chemicals released in your brain tend to calm your body down.

Final Words

While it’s true that curly haired cat breeds are fun pets to have, you must be very careful about brushing their fur and cleaning their beds. As with any pet, it will require a few days to get the hang of it. Be patient and loving towards your cats, and soon, you’ll find yourself laughing around with them.