a seal and mink snow bengal kitten kneading her favorite blanket

Snow Bengal Cat Breed Guide

Bengal cats are the genetic mix between a common house cat and the Asian leopard cat. While they come in a lot of different coats, colors, and patterns, typically, a white Bengal cat is called a Snow Bengal Cat. Read on to learn more about these amazing cats…

If you want a tiny little leopard running around your house and creating mischief for you and your guests to enjoy while being the most cuddly and adorable little thing ever, look no further than a Bengal cat. 

It is a breed unmatched in beauty and playfulness, but like all pets, it is not a toy. It deserves and demands your attention and care.

But is a Snow Bengal the right pet for you? Can you give them the attention they require to thrive? To learn more, stick with us till the end of this article.

Let’s begin:

Snow Bengals: an Overview

As their ancestors happen to be wild leopards, Snow Bengal cats are notoriously energetic. They will run around your house constantly and create all sorts of havoc. Assuming you get one as a kitten, sure, it will be easy to manage but make no mistake — very soon, they will grow up into a full-blown adult cat. 

When they eventually mature, they have very strict needs in terms of living environments. And they don’t like to be left alone for a long period of time. That means if you work all day, this is not the right breed for you. 

They also have uncompromising health and dietary needs. All Bengal cats have some common illnesses that you need to be aware of, so you can never skimp on that vet trip.

young marbled bengal cat sitting watching
A Beautiful, But Standard Bengal Cat…

For other basic info on a typical Snow Bengal Cat, check out this helpful table :

Average Height13-17 inches or 33 to 43 cm
Average Weight2.7-7.8 kg or 6-17 lbs 
Average Lifespan12 to 16 years
Other Names and NicknamesSafari Cat, Rolls Royce of Cats
Color RangeLight Amber to White
Sub-breedsSnow Seal Mink, Snow Seal Lynx, Snow Seal Sepia
Coat Marking TypeSpots/Rosettes or Marbled
CharacteristicsAthletic, Agile, Loyal, Intelligent, Mischievous, Curious, and Social
Suitable OwnerFamilies able to afford a lot of time and attention for their pet

Nature and Attributes of Snow Bengal Cats

The Bengal Cat breed, in general, is deceivingly small, Snow Bengal Cats have the same characteristics as you will never imagine how energetic and athletic they can be looking at their size. In fact, that is, according to us, the prime attribute of a Snow Bengal Cat — “energetic.”

They will run around your house, get everywhere, jump and climb anything and everything on their path and just overall be the center of all attention. It is incredibly hard to ignore them, and you can not go long without giving them attention. 

They love an interactive audience, and with proper training, their smartness and intelligence will baffle you.

White Bengal Cats are also very affectionate. If reading that sentence makes you think they will cuddle and snuggle with you around the clock, think again. Their distinct form of affection has to do with playing with you. 

They will expect you to run around with them or at the very least be on the floor with them. Entertaining them is basically as important as feeding them properly.

One final unique characteristic of these cats is, that they do not meow like normal house cats. Instead, they create a raspy noise that can almost be passed off as the bark or roar of a small tiger. 

With enough time with them, you will also learn the different auditory cues they do in certain situations. In this sense, they are very easy to understand.

Do Snow Bengal Cats Get Along with Children and Other Pets?

Snow Bengal Cats are fantastic companions for kids that can match their energy. This makes this particular breed of feline an outstanding family pet. The cat and the kid will keep each other busy all day long, and it will be an absolute joy to experience.

However, as a general rule of thumb, always be a bit cautious with your pets around your newborn or toddler. The case with White Bengal Cats is nothing different. 

If your toddler is particularly unruly, the cat will just avoid it until they are familiar enough with each other. At any rate, you should not be worried about your cat harming your child or vice versa. 

But do they get along with other pets? Let’s take a look:

Another Cat

Due to their playful nature, if you can handle it, getting a pair of kittens simultaneously can be a good idea. They will keep each other busy and grow up together. 

Nevertheless, Bengal Cats are known to be extremely territorial, so if your cat is already mature, introducing another kitten or cat can be complicated. But with enough time, it is not undoable.


Dogs are the perfect companion pet for these cats. Their natures interact shockingly well, and they will be inseparable like best friends.

Birds, Fishes, or Rodents

Due to their agile paws and hunting instincts, keeping these cats in the same home with smaller pets is generally not a good idea.

snow bengal cat with blue eyes standing looking upward
A Snow Bengal Cat With Lighter Fur

How to Take Proper Care of your Snow Bengal Cat?  

The importance of taking good care of these kittens or cats can not be understated, and this process will undeniably change your life and daily routine. A lot of people love cats for their low-effort nature. 

If you are one of them, please look elsewhere. Snow Bengal Cats are anything but low-maintenance. Their infamous care regime is not limited to but includes:

Nutritious Diet

Cats are carnivores, and it is the same for these cats. That means their diet should be enriched with animal products. A good amount of protein, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and amino acids is a must. 

With all that in mind, a completely raw food diet seems like the best option for the Snow Bengal Cat. If that is not convenient enough, do not worry, as a mixed diet or dry and wet food will get the job done too.

Variety is key here. Dry food comes at a very reasonable price, and this is very attractive. It has a good amount of calories and carbs while being very energy-dense and comes with an astounding amount of shelf life to back it up. 

But only dry food will not be sufficient for the complex needs of your cat. It is hence a good idea to mix it up and offer them wet food too. 

Wet food is preferable in certain cases where the cat is very picky about what it eats, and it has considerably more protein and fat than dry food at the cost of carbs. Mix and match for the desired result.

The foods that you should avoid are artificial meat products or meat byproducts. They have a lot of carbohydrate fillers and chemical preservatives that are harmful to any cat in the long run.

Reading the food packaging will be the best bet here. Avoid food with Butylated Hydroxyanisole (BHA) and Butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHT). These are food preservatives that are proven to cause cancer down the line. Ethoxyquin, cornmeal, too much gluten, and melamine are other ingredients to avoid.

Water consumption is also tricky for these cats. They typically prefer running water or fountain water over simple water bowls as they will play with it, and in turn, it will encourage them to drink more

Adult cats require almost as much water by volume as food in calories. Additionally, take care of their water intake in hot weather to fight dehydration.

Timely Grooming and Trips to the Vet 

Like any living being, trips to the doctor’s office are essential. Get your cat a vet that will take care of its vaccines and annual health checkups. 

Your cat needs to be vaccinated against certain diseases and also have medication to repel parasitic bugs like flea and heartworm. If you do not plan on breeding, neuter or spey your cat. 

Since their coats are very short, you do not need to groom them too often. Get yourself a grooming brush and use it gently on your cat at least once a week. This will keep them clean and looking as pretty as ever. 

Another important thing is that these cats don’t need frequent showers, but they love playing with water. 

Exercise and Training

Deciding to keep your cat inside the house or taking it outside frequently, or letting it free roam are all viable options. You just need to plan exercise routines accordingly since they thrive off having a lot of mental and physical stimulation. 

Take them on walks regularly if that works for you. If you are keeping them inside, get them proper toys or cat houses depending on the amount you want to spend and the space you have available to you. 

Just like a well-trained dog, your White Bengal Cat can stay, sit, roll over, or fetch in command too. You just need to train them well enough. Most cat experts suggest training your cat with puzzles and games that have delicious treats as a trophy at the end.

Give Them Lots of Love and Attention

At first, typically, all Snow Bengals will be distant and cold. It is only with consistent love and cares that you can gain their trust. 

Play with them as often as you can, and then cuddle when they are tired. Petting your cat at regular intervals and offering treats every once in a while will go a long way towards it becoming your best friend. 

A Few Unique Facts About Snow Bengal Cat

They happen to be one of the most unique-looking breeds out there. So it only makes sense that they have a lot more unique aspects to them. Here are a few:

  • Bengal Cats were named “Safari Cats” originally. It was changed in the 70s to reflect their leopard ancestry.
  • Due to their rarity and luscious looks, Bengal Cats were dubbed “The Rolls Royce of Cats.”
  • Bengals cats naturally resist Feline Leukemia (FLV). This has made them an amazing resource to doctors and scientists researching cures for this disease.
  • They absolutely love snow and water.
  • They were originally a hybrid between Asian Leopard cats and Domestic Cats.

How to Pick a Good Breeder and What about Price?

Bengal cats are already a rare and expensive breed. Their snow variant happens to be even more costly due to being that much rarer. As most pet owners do, we are assuming a potential owner would get this cat as a kitten. In that case, the price varies a lot depending on the breeding, coat, pattern, parents, and ancestry.

Before you choose a breeder, it is always a good idea to do a bit of research. Ethical breeding is a term that has been thrown around a lot recently, and it is not without reason. More often than not, if you see one of these breeds listed for an unbelievable price, it is because of unethical breeding. 

Always check your breeders’ reputation and if they have enough experience in breeding healthy kittens. If you are unsure, ask to see their facilities and try to get a recommendation from their other clients. 

After you have decided on a breeder, it is a good idea to check the pedigree documents and reports of the kitten. The parent cats will usually be the third or fourth filial generation (F3 or F4). 

Explaining what that means will be too broad for the scope of this article, and a quick google search will tell you all you need to know. But other than that, expect documents on all the health tests done on the parents. 

Now coming to the price, keep your expectations grounded as prices start from over 1000 USD and can range all the way up to multiple thousand dollars. A good range of budget will be 1000 to 4000 USD. 

There is, however, an alternative to buying a snow Bengal kitten. As you are well aware by this point in the article, these cats have very extensive needs and care regimes, and it is not uncommon for families to bite off more than they can chew. 

When that happens, inevitably, these cats end up in various shelters around the country. As sad as situations like these are, you can be the one giving these little felines the loving home they deserve and crave.

Contact your local shelters, and if you are lucky, you will find an adorable new pet for your family. Although we do recommend, please do not make the same mistake as its previous owner and know your own capabilities and the cat’s needs before you pull the trigger. 


It is safe to assume that by this point, you understand the responsibilities that come with these beautiful feline creatures. As eye-catching as they are, please always know if you can handle these responsibilities before adopting cause we absolutely do not want to see them end up in shelters without care. 

If you are sure that you can handle it, congratulations, you will be a proud parent of one of the most stunning and fun breeds of cats out there. After all, there will not be a single boring day with a Snow Bengal Cat in your house.