Best Top Entry Litter Box To Prevent Litter Tracking

Just want the best top entry litter box? We recommend the Iris Top Entry Cat Litter Box.

If you have a cat, you need a litter box. There are loads to choose from on the market. You would think that they are all fairly similar – but it is not so. We are going to look at the best top entry litter box options and see which might be the best for you. We will look at how these boxes work, what benefits you might get if you opt for a top entry box, will consider whether your cat will use this type of setup, what you can do to encourage your cat to use this type of box and finally we will look at the top five options on the market.

Our Favorite Top Entry Litter Boxes:

How Do Top Entry Litter Boxes Work

These boxes are generally quite easy to identify. They are basically litter boxes with lids. The only entry is through the top of the box. Entry is usually a circular hole that allows your cat to drop into the box.

To use, your cat jumps onto the top of the box, drops through the entry hole and goes about its business.

To empty the box you need to remove the lid and then clear out the contents as you would do with a normal litter box.

Is A Top Entry Litter Box Better?

There are some clear benefits to using these sorts of litter boxes over more standard boxes :

Less Litter Tracking – With a standard litter tray your cat may sometimes kick litter out of the box whilst using the box. They will often track litter out of the box once they have finished their visit. A top entry box can reduce the resulting mess. These are the best litter box for cats that kick litter as they are enclosed. Additionally, as your cat jumps out of the box and lands on the outer lid, loose pieces of litter carried between toes are dropped either on the lid of the box or as they jump. As a result, tracking is vastly reduced with this type of box.

Reduces odor – an enclosed litter box can reduce odor issues.

Stylish – Because the litter is not on open display these boxes are more stylish than standard boxes. The chances are that someone who is not a cat owner may even walk by one of these boxes and not know what the box is for.

Additionally, you can get these boxes in more interesting designs than most normal boxes. Circular, rectangular, and decorated boxes are all available giving more style choices than standard open trays.

Easy To Carry – These boxes are often easier to carry than other open trays and are certainly more hygienic to handle.

Deterrent To Dogs – If you have a dog in your household you may notice that the dog can be curious about the litter box. A top entry litter box with its covered top reduces the chances of your dog messing about with the litter or it’s contents. These boxes are highly recommended if you have a dog in the house.

Do Cats Prefer Open Or Closed Litter Boxes?

Cats like privacy when they are doing their business. If you watch a cat going about its business outdoors they check the area out first and are on guard to avoid an attack. Whilst relieving themselves they are vulnerable to attack.

A top entry enclosed box reduces anxiety because they are hidden away and can’t be seen during the activity – these boxes contribute to a less anxious cat.

How Do I Train My Cat To Use The Top Litter Box?

You might be concerned that your cat won’t know how to use this type of setup to toilet. If this is the case you can rest assured that it is easy to get a cat to use one of these boxes. Here are a few tips you can use to get your cat quickly started using one of these boxes :

Start without the lid – get your cat used to the new box by removing the lid. Most designs are a half and half type box with detachable lids. These make it easy to get your cat started. If the top entry box you want does not have a detachable lid then don’t worry just use the next tips!

Use litter from your existing box – rather than start with fresh litter in your new box put existing litter into the new box. Your cat will smell their scent on the litter and be curious to work out what is going on. They will also quickly understand the intended purpose of the new box.

Place your cat on the lid – let your cat know it is ok to jump on the new box and that it is stable enough to take their weight by placing them straight on the box. Introducing them in this way will soon get them using the box without having to learn to approach the box and figure what is going on.

Are These Any Good For Big Cats

Many of these boxes come in more than one size so you can opt for a larger box if you feel your cat is on the big size. Always be careful to check the size of the opening at the top of the box and the overall height within the box. So long as these two sizes are reasonable you should find even a big cat can use these boxes.

Top Entry Litter Box Reviews

Clever Cat Litter Box

Not the most stylish of litter boxes available but certainly well-liked and highly popular. The Clever cat litter box is a large covered litter box design with a good wide opening that is suitable for most cat households. If you have a dog they are sure to struggle with this box – it is practically dog proof.

The clever cat top entry litter box has an effective lid that allows litter and dust to drop off kitty’s feet and back into the box. You can use this box with or without liners. Most users find this box is so effective they do not need a litter mat to go with it.

Maybe you are worried that your cat might not be able to get used to the idea of using this style of box? No fear, most owners say their cat took to the box with ease – just make sure to retire your existing tray to avoid confusion.

The manufacturer does not recommend this box for elderly or disabled cats. This box falls in the median price bracket.


  • Large design, good-sized opening
  • Perforated lid so litter drops back in off feet.
  • Easy to use
  • Don’t need liners of mats
  • Makes life difficult for curious dogs


  • Median price for a very basic box
  • Lacks visual style
  • One size option
  • No color choices

Best Premium Top Entry Litter Box: Modkat Litter Box

In my opinion, this is the best litter box available on the market. Straight up it’s best feature is it’s looks. Check it out, it is sleek and ergonomically designed to fit into the modern home.

In truth, I also feel this is the most hygienic box to live with. It can take liners but specifically, the flip-top lid is a great feature. This allows you to empty litter off the lid that might not have gone through the vents back into the tray by flipping the lid. Cool.

The modkat cat litter box also comes with a free scoop that hangs well on the box so you always know where to find it.

You can get this stylish kitty litter box in any one of three colors and can even get an extra-large version if you are concerned that the 16 x16 x 15 ins version is not big enough for your cats.

Unfortunately, such stylish design comes at a price and this is a premium-priced accessory!

You can expect this box to reduce odor, keep dogs out if you live in a multi-animal household and of course it massively reduces litter tracking.

The modkat litter box is loved by owners who want style and substance.


  • Looks stylish
  • Flip-top to allow loose litter to be dropped back into the box
  • Free litter scoop
  • Three color options
  • Two size options for normal and larger cats
  • Owners love it.


  • Premium price

Petmate Litter Box

If style is not so important and you just want a functional box at a great budget price then the Petmate top entry litter pan is the choice for you.

It will do most of the functions other more expensive boxes will do – it will control odor, is dog proof and will reduce litter tracking. It just is not quite so easy to keep clean.

The petmate top entry litter box doesn’t really come with liners and the litter kitty has pulled out the box wont drop back through the lid. Apart from that this is an effective box at a very affordable price.

At 20 x 29 x 15 ins this box is a great option for larger cats.


  • Great budget top entry litter box
  • Does all the basics – reduces odor, stops dogs, reduces litter tracking
  • Good option for large cats


  • Not so easy to clean as other boxes
  • Does not have a perforated or flip lid so any excess litter has to be put back in by hand
  • Visually uninspiring

Best Top Entry Litter Box: Iris Top Entry Cat litter Box

I got to admit I am a sucker for stylish things. In my opinion, the Iris top entry litter box is the second most stylish enclosed litter box available after the Modkat box. I like its smooth rounded contours – it just doesn’t look like a litter tray/box.

The iris comes in two size options and various colors so there is plenty of choices. The largest version is approx 20 x 16 x 14.5ins with a big opening suitable for larger cats (9.25ins dia). You can opt for various cool color schemes – black and white, gray and white, white on white or orange on brown – all these schemes are very modern looking and sure to fit into contemporary households really well.

The iris top entry cat litter box features rubber non-skid feet so can be put on tiled and laminate surfaces without you having to worry about the box skittering off when your cat jumps on the lid.

It comes with a free scoop and is easy to clean with its rounded overall shape. This box is a mid-range offering and is highly regarded by owners due to its style and the fact it doesn’t really look like a litter box – oh and it does everything a litter box should do – controls odor, reduces tracking and keeps the pet dog at bay!


  • Stylish top entry box
  • Various color options
  • Two sizes – normal and large
  • Non-skid rubber feet, great for tiles and laminate flooring
  • Free scoop
  • Does everything you expect – reduces odor, keeps dogs out, reduces tracking
  • Price


  • Seriously I can’t think of any!

Best Top Entry Box For Big Cats: Favorite Hooded Box

Maybe you have a Maine coon and are searching for an extra large litter box – this is it! Considerably bigger than the rest, this affords kitty room to position and move freely.

Perhaps you want a top opening litter box where the top half can be detached? Easier to clean, easy to get kitty using in the first place? This is the one. This is an affordable box that is on the larger side and comes apart easily.

It will stop your cat tracking litter, will offer privacy and will help with odor control…A great choice for the cat owner with the larger or perhaps older pet who you may fear will struggle with a top entry box down the line.


  • Great for big cats – much bigger option than the rest!
  • Detachable top half so easy to clean.
  • May be useful for a mature cat who needs easier access in a few years.
  • Affordable price point


  • Utilitarian rather than stylish
  • One size option
  • No color options


There are lots of options to choose from but I am a sucker for style. For me, the best cat litter box in class has to be either the Iris or the Modkat top entry litter cat box. The Modkat, although higher cost, wins through for me because I love the flip-top and square design although, to be honest, I could change my mind and pick the Iris in an instant for its color choices and price.

If I was buying for a big old boy I would want the favorite hooded just for space and the ability to break it down if my pet lost some mobility with age.

To be fair all these options do the basics you want from a top entry box – they all control odor, reduce tracking and give your cat privacy whilst keeping dogs at bay – whichever you choose you won’t find they fail to perform the essential tasks.