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Irish Cat Names – 67 Of The Best!

Irish cat names are a great choice for a cat if you are looking for something unusual, unique with an air of ancient legend and meaning attached to them. Drawn from Celtic and Gaelic lore and legend, check out some of our favorites below…

Ireland – the Emerald Isle, a land famous for its four-leaf clovers, leprechauns, and let’s not forget the Guinness.

Ireland gets its moniker from the luscious green grass flowing through fields and farmlands across the country.

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of touring Ireland, you’ll notice it has some unique names for places, people, and things. The local culture extends back to Celtic roots and the evolution of the Gaelic language.

The connections between cats and Irish culture extend back through the ages. In the old Celtic days of centuries past, cats were a symbol of good luck to the tribes.

The locals revered cats as magical animals. They believed cats had the power to cast good and bad spells. Hence the development of the association of the “black cat” with witchcraft, evil, and the dark elements of religion.

However, things changed over the centuries, and the Irish people are now a cat-friendly nation.

Choosing an Irish cat name for your pet is a great way to celebrate your heritage or accentuate your kitty’s characteristics or visual features.

view down the dark hedges of ballymoney on an autumn afternoon
The Dark Hedges Of Armoy

This post gives you some Irish name ideas for girl and boy cats.

Let’s start with some names for your girl kitty. Here are a few Gaelic and Celtic cat names to ponder on before naming your feline friend. Choose a name that reflects your cat’s personality traits.

We selected traditional Irish names of places, mythical legends, and people. Check through our top choices, and let us know your favorites in the comments!

Irish Cat Names For Female Cats

Aili – This name means “Light.” It’s a good choice for a white cat.

Berit – This Gaelic term means “strong and powerful.” A good choice for large cats like Maine Coons.

Biddy – A modern Irish term translating to strong or powerful.

Boan – A name inspired by the goddess protecting the river Boyne.

Breen – This name sounds awesome, but it means “sadness,” a great choice for a grumpy cat.

Brielle – Commonly shortened to “Bree,” this name translates to “hill.”

Cashel – Name your kitty after the famous Cashel Rock.

Colla –A Irish name translating to ‘lost in antiquity.’

Darby – Another classic name for your kitty, translating to “freedom.” (Great for Irish-American cats).

Darcelle – A cute name translating to “dark.” A great choice for black cats.

Duvessa – An attractive name translating to “A dark beauty.”

Ena – This name translates from the Irish to “fire.” It’s a great name choice for cats with an aggressive attitude.

Gliona – This handsome name refers to the “River god’s daughter.”

Kelsey – Another traditional Irish girls or boy’s name, translating to “brave.”

Kiana – An old Irish variant of “Kian.”

Liffey – The name of the river flowing through the city of Dublin.

Maeve – The name of the great Irish warrior princess.

Maureen – A version of “Mary” that also translates to “bitter.”

Meara – This name translates to “merry disposition.” It’s a great choice for a playful cat.

Moira – A traditional Irish name translating to “rebellious woman.” A good choice for a naughty feline.

Nessa – A term from Irish mythology, referring to “soft or gentle.”

Neve – A good choice for cats with bright eyes, this name translates to “dazzling.”

Nuala – This word translates to “someone with fair shoulders.”

Oona – The Irish word for “lamb.” A good choice for a cat with a mild temperament.

Piritta – Another Gaelic term referring to “strong or powerful.”

Pirjo – A Gaelic term referring to someone with a strong character and will.

Pirkko – A Gaelic term referring to a warrior and someone with a strong character.

Shanna – A Gaelic term referring to someone as a “possessor of wisdom” or a witch.

Shea – A famous Irish family name that refers to someone or something majestic or “hawk-like.”

Siobhan – An Irish moniker that translates to “God is gracious.” A good choice for religious believers.

Sybil – This Gaelic name refers to a “fortune teller.” A good name choice for a rescue.

Vevila – This pretty Irish name translates to “harmony.” A good choice for calm cats.

After going through girl names, it’s time to settle on a choice for boy cats. All these names are great choices for cats, representing people, places, and Irish culture themes.

Irish Names For Male Cats

Alby – This Irish word translates to “the white one.” It’s a great choice for a pure-white cat.

Berke – This Irish name translates to ‘the birch tree meadow.’

Bran – This Irish cultural legend is well-known among the Irish story-telling culture for his adventures.

Brody – This traditional Irish name hails from Celtic origins, translating to “muddy place.”

Carney – This name is great for a show cat, translating to “victorious.”

Clover – Why not name your cat after the famous Irish four-leaf clover? Good for girls and boys.

overhead shot of multiple clover leaf

Corey – A classic Irish name translating to “from the hollow.”

Dempsey – Another popular Irish boy’s name translating to “proud.”

Dublin – Name your kitty after the capital city of Ireland, located on the Eastern seaboard.

Fallon – No, not Jimmy, Fallon stands for “in charge” or “authority” in Irish. A great choice for a pushy cat.

Fergus – Another traditional Irish name translating to “man with energy.” A good choice for energetic cats.

Finn – This classic Irish boy’s name translates to “small blonde soldier.”

Finnegan – This Irish boy’s name translates to “white or fair.” A good choice for white cats.

Flannery – A good choice for ginger cats, this name translates to “red-haired.”

Gilroy – This old-school Irish boy’s name translates to “a ruler’s servant’s son.”

Griffin – This ancient Irish family name translates to “strong in faith.”

Guinness – Name your kitty after Ireland’s most famous export, Guinness stout beer. It’s a great choice for black and white cats with markings on their paws and the tip of their tail.

close up of two pints of guinness

Jameson – Name your cat after Ireland’s most famous whiskey.

Leary – This epigrammatic Irish name translates to ‘keeper of calves.’ This name is a great choice for a friendly lap cat.

Liam – This powerful name translates to “strong-willed warrior.” Naming your cat Liam Neeson would be pretty entertaining. It’s a great choice for cats that like to challenge the neighborhood alphas.

Mannix – This Irish word rolls easy off the tongue, and it translates to “monk.”

Murphy – This famous Irish name is the butt of many jokes, but the name actually translates to “sea warrior.”

Niall – This old Gaelic name translates to “champion.” It’s a great name for your show cat.

Patrick – Name your cat after Ireland’s most famous person, Saint Patrick. Patrick chased the snakes out of Ireland, and hopefully, your cat keeps the rats out of your yard.

Quinn – This old Irish name translates to “wise.” It’s a great choice for cats that like to sit and watch you.

Riley – An old Irish family name, and it’s also suitable for a unisex name. This name translates to “brave.”

Ronan – This classic Irish name translates to “little seal.” It’s a good choice for tortoiseshells.

Rory – Name your cat after the last official king of Ireland, “Rory O’Connor.” It’s a throwback with a historical story to tell your friends.

Ryan – Another powerful Irish family name from the Western side of the country. It translates to “kingly.”

Rys – This Irish family name might sound like it’s German, but it’s part of the Irish culture and a great short name for your feline.

Shamrock – The shamrock is the Irish term for the four-leaf clover and a lucky name for your cat.

Shane – This name translates into “God’s gift.” Great for a cat with an independent spirit.

Tierney – This Irish word translates to “lord or master.” Since your cat thinks it owns you and not the other way around, it’s an apt choice to describe their personality.

Tuan – Another Gaelic name inspired by a mythical Irish character, “Tuan mac Cairill.”

Ualtar – If your cat enjoys scrapping with the other locals in the area, this name translates to “fighter.”

In Closing

That wraps up our list of Irish cat names. Irish names aren’t very common, especially the old Gaelic variants. However, if you’re looking for a quirky name that emulates your heritage, one of the names on these lists will do for your feline friend.

When picking your cat’s name, make sure it’s something that rolls easily off the tongue. Also, consider that you’ll probably also end up nicknaming your cat to some shorter version of their full name.

Some of the Gaelic names in this post might be challenging to pronounce if you’re not Irish. However, they all offer original and unique names for your kitty.

If you’re having some trouble settling on a name, write down your top five favorites. Ask your family and friends for their advice before deciding on a name.

You can also keep your top three choices on your phone’s home screen. Check them out whenever you have time, and eventually, one of them will start standing out to you.

A few names in this list aren’t gender-specific, and they work well for boy and girl cats. Choose one that suits your cat’s look and personality.

What name did you end up settling on for your feline friend? Please leave us your favorite choices in the comments; we want to hear from you!