a ginger tabby lying on their back in a cat bed paws in the air

96 Unisex Cat Names For All Types Of Cat!

Getting a new cat and need a name? Unisex cat names are a traditional way of naming your cat. Often, unisex cat names focus on the color of your cat, the way they move, or some other personal attribute associated with their character or essence.

The best cat names tend to be short, easy to pronounce, and clear sounding. It helps if you can shout them clearly if needed. Many unisex cat names fulfill those criteria!

Half the attraction with a unisex name is that your cat’s gender is totally irrelevant – no one will know the gender of your cat and you can pick a name without having to consider if it fits their gender. Simples…

Here is a selection to get you thinking :

Fire – great for a ginger cat or a cat with a short fuse.

Legend – Well why not?

Marmalade – another option for a ginger cat, or a cat with a sweet temperament.

Sunshine – ideal for a happy go lucky or maybe sandy colored or a ginger cat.

Ginger – kinda obvious…

Blaze – another name for a ginger cat or a cat with a fiery temperament. Perhaps for a cat that loves a fireside nap.

Ghost – ideal for a grey cat or a cat that glides around, is here one minute and gone the next..

Silver – obviously this cat is grey..

an orange maine coon flying through the air dramatically in mid pounce
Marmalade always felt he was really a “Bandit”

Stripey – a solid traditional option for the striped tabby cat in your life.

Slinky – for the cat that wriggles or gets into impossible spots.

Raegyptian cat name referring to a sun god – another ginger cat name or sun worshipper cat..

Breeze – for the cat that breezes in and out…

Tigger – traditional unisex cat name for a cat with stripes.

Tiger – a more ferocious, regal, powerful version of the above.

Bumble – for the cat that ambles around in their own little world.

Streak – for a cat that moves fast. All the time.

Goldie – another ginger cat name or yellow cat name.

Mouser – clearly this cat hunts…

Cloud – for cats that like high places.

Stoner – always asleep and slightly dopey…

Spotty – for a cat with spots…

Dodger – for the cat with fast reflexes that avoids situations.

Custard – for a sweet cat, or yellow cat

Steel – a grey cat that is hard as nails and takes no s***t

Reflex – for the cat with great reflexes…

Reefer – mellow cat with a laid back attitude to life.

Smasher – for the cat that bullies or breaks stuff.

Blade – some cats just like to slash and scratch.

Cola – a brown cat or a cat with a fizzy, sweet nature.

Ice – a white or grey cat with an aloof temperament.

Tequila – why not name your cat after your favorite tipple?

Fizzy – ideal for a playful cat.

Shorty – well, just because cats aren’t usually tall…

Wibble – just for fun but very original. For the clown…

Memphis – ancient capital of Egypt – for an Egyptian Mau, maybe…

Ajax – for the computer nerds, or for a big, muscular cat after the greek god…

Delta – why not?

a sitting grey cat that looks like it is laughing
“Happy” was enjoyin life…

Zulu – warrior cat…

Boots – for the cat with boots.

Cruiser – for the cat that is always on patrol.

Destroyer – for the cat that tears your stuff up.

Shifty – for the cat that acts suspiciously.

Solo – always alone, needs no-one.

Dimmy – not the brightest!

Pudding – soft, gentle, sweet natured cat.

Chicken – for a scaredy cat.

Noodle – this cat wriggles.

Willow – brown cat with a hippy temperament – peace, love, mellow man..

Dragon – this cat carries an attitude and packs a punch.

Dizzy – For a sweet natured cat that has a slightly frenetic nature.

Dasher – the cat that always moves at top speed or likes to sprint.

Comet – Like dasher and jet – but more of a night owl.

Luna – a white or grey cat with a radiant personality.

Trigger – the cat that changes disposition quickly.

Rocket – a fast, unpredictable bundle of energy.

Slayer – don’t cross this cat!

Rascal – come home from work to a tip? This was the cat that did it.

Scooter – Another cat that moves quickly and abruptly.

Skiffle – for the cat that makes music

Jazz – for the upbeat cat.

Arrow – another fast cat.

Fleabag – got a cat that gets fleas?

Scamp – for the naughty but nice cat.

a cheeky grey kitten sitting with eyes shut poking out their tongue
“Scamp” didn’t know how she got her name..

Artic – a silver or white cat.

Phantom – for the cat that moves undercover.

Ace – your favorite cat.

Mistral – sleek, fast, glamorous.

Hunter – for the cat that hunts…

Rolex – well you can announce you own a rolex without lying! For the expensive cat that always turns up on time…

Lucky – for the lucky cat, or the cat that brings you good fortune.

Hex – ideal for a black cat

Pickle – for a tortie or brown cat.

Salsa – for a hot tempered cat.

Sunbeam – happy go lucky yellow or ginger cat.

Pepper – another hot tempered cat or a tortie…

Champ – for the cat that always comes out on top.

Red – traditional name for a ginger cat.

Rusty – and another…

Flash – a fast cat…

TC – for the topcat in your house.

Puss – self explanatory…

Banjo – For a cat with a certain rhythm…

Bingo – happy go lucky cat.

Storm – unpredictable type of cat. Probably, dark, brooding and menacing…

Furball – sweet natured, loving cat.

Snowy – great name for a white cat or cat that came into your life in winter time.

Patch – for the cat with patches…

Titch – for a diminutive cat.

Bandit – a badass cat name for the cat that jumps out and attacks.

Happy – for the cat with a sunny outlook on life.

Bullet – fast, tough, a cat that holds their own.

As you can see, unisex cat names can be great fun. You can conjure up all sorts of names for all sorts of scenarios. You can invoke speed, emotional attitude, or just name your cat after your favorite drink or food!

That list includes 96 names – I am sure you can find many more with a bit of imagination.