close up portrait of the face of a grey korat cat with amber eyes

13 Popular Grey Cat Breeds.

Cats are adorable, no matter what color they are. But grey cats are a little more popular than others and are often preferred as domestic cats. Cat lovers cannot seem to get enough of them, and it is not hard to figure out why. 

Their coats are a diluted form of solid black. And these popular common grey cat breeds come in variations to suit all tastes – long-haired, short-haired, stocky, or slender – each is different from the other. You will not find two breeds the same, be it their temperament, appearance, or personality. 

Even though grey cats are not that uncommon, not all breeds can be of that color. Here, we will be listing 9 purebreds that are available with grey coats, which you would love to add to your family. 

American Shorthair

a sliver grey tabby american shorthair cat sitting

American Shorthairs are one of the very first grey cats to arrive in the United States back in the 1600s. They are extremely friendly and outgoing but do not like to be cuddled much. Their coats are dense and not at all fluffy. 

If you have children in the family, make sure they are older or know how to respect a feline’s space before adopting an American Shorthair. While they can be quite playful and active, this breed of cat likes to stay independent. 

British Shorthair

close up portrait of a grey british shorthair cat leaning over a stone wall

The British Shorthair cat breed are the very popular English cousins of the American Shorthairs across the pond. They are primarily found in grey but also come in other colors and share the same short, plush coat of hair. However, they are not as large and have a stumpier figure. 

British Shorthairs are extremely pleasant and affectionate and become instant companions with anybody they meet. They can also be quite intelligent and can entertain both themselves and any of your guests. 

Fortunately, they are not as averse to handling as their cousins, so they can be very laidback around children. 


portrait of a grey chartreaux cat in sitting pose in a modern living room

If you have ever been to France, you may have seen these cats all over the place. These muscular cats with thin legs are the national cat of France and have gained a lot of funny nicknames over the years. You will find the Chartreux cat breed has grey or “blue” shorthair coats only. They are well known for being a grey shorthair cat breed with copper or orange eyes.

They are quite playful and love being around other animals and children. A Chartreux can befriend a dog within minutes, almost sharing similar personality traits themselves. These cats are magnificent creatures, having a woolly medium-length double coat and impressively vibrant amber eyes. 

Devon Rex

close up portrait of the face of a grey devon rex cat on white background

Devon Rex cats are unforgettable. They resemble little magical creatures with their pointed ears, round saucer eyes, jutted faces, and triangular heads. Their coats are not entirely uniform and can have tiny, tight curls and waves in some places while being hairless on the others. They are one of the few recognized curly haired cat breeds

Despite their looks, these cats are very outgoing and have entertaining and silly personalities. They act more like dogs than felines and are very popular amongst children. They will have a blast running around the house with these tiny cats running behind in a row. 


close up portrait of the face of a grey korat cat with amber eyes

Korats are another cat breed that comes in just grey only. They are usually on the smaller end of the spectrum size-wise, weighing only 6 to 10 pounds even when they reach full adulthood. Korats start with golden through to amber eyes as kittens which then change to a peridot green as they grow up. 

This feline breed is still relatively uncommon in the United States, having migrated from Thailand only in the 1950s. Their coats are tipped with silver which gives them a shimmery effect when they move. 

While they may be shy around strangers, they love playing with their human family. They can also be very vocal, but you may not find that out until they are a little older. 

Russian Blue

Crouching grey russian blue cat with green eyes

Russian Blue cats are well-beloved all over the globe. Their prominent green eyes are stunning, and they have a shiny, thick coat to match the aesthetic. The Russian Blue loves to have their adventures, but they never say no to a cuddle when offered. 

These cats can be lifetime companions since they live for an average of 15 to 20 years. And fortunately, they do not carry any allergens, so you can get one even if you are severely allergic. 


Grey nebelung cat with green eyes sitting on garden lawn looking to camera

If you are looking for a long-haired grey cat breed then the Nebelung going to be of interest to you! Nebelung is a rare breed and is a cousin to the Russian Blue. They can be very stunning with long, thick silvery coats and gorgeous green eyes. However, do not let those innocent eyes fool you because they can be very mischievous. They love attention and often ask for a lot of pets. 

Nebelung’s have long hairs which look luxurious and fluffy and have a plumed tail. It needs to be brushed often to keep it silky and knot-free. 


Portrait of grey oriental cat with big ears in sitting pose on a white background

If a short-haired grey cat is more your style, check out the Oriental. Orientals come in both white and gray. These shorthair felines are cousins to Siamese cats and have distinctive eyes, pointed ears, and a wedge-shaped face. Their bodies are lean with sharp angles and they have very vocal personalities.

You can find a lot of similarities in their temperament and intelligence with Siamese cats. They have active brains, which are perfect for teaching tricks. Orientals are not lone creatures and often prefer other’s companies, be it animals or humans. 

Scottish Fold

close up of a grey scottish fold kitten lying in sphinx pose on a bed

Scottish Fold’s most distinctive trait is their ears, which droop forward a little making them one of the weirdest cat breeds – but very cute! But they also have big round amber eyes and a chubby build. You can find their coats to be either longhaired or shorthaired and their bodies to be medium-sized. 

These felines usually love to be the center of their owners’ attention and can get quite vocal if they feel like they are being deprived of it. Yet, on some days, they can do without it and love doing their things. 

Egyptian Mau

Side Shot Of A Grey Spotted Egyptian Mau Exploring A Roof Top Terrace. Popular grey cat breeds.

The Egyptian Mau cat breed is a natural breed that reputedly originates from north Africa. They are a medium-sized cat that has a shorthair coat, are considered loyal, friendly, and playful, and fit in family environments with other pets well – which might explain how they have been so popular for thousands of years.

Unlike the British Shorthair, Chartreux, or Russian Blue which all feature a solid blue or solid grey color coat, the Mau is a naturally occurring grey tabby cat – although it also comes in bronze and black color schemes and variations of. 

In fact, it is very distinctive for two reasons. First, its tabby coat is spotted in pattern which is relatively unusual; most tabbies are striped or patched in a classic pattern. Secondly, they are famed for their eye color – their eyes are usually a gooseberry green color which is quite unusual and striking.

They are also unusual in that they have differences in their rear legs that actually help them to run faster than most other house cats – they have been clocked at 30mph! This is down to extra skin on their legs that allow them to achieve a longer stride pattern than most cats.

If you like your grey cats in a tabby pattern, social and easy to look after then the Mau could be a good choice.

Persian Cat

Grey and white persian cat sitting next to garden planter on a sunny day. grey cat breed.

Another cat with a long history that has been popular since the beginning of time is the Persian cat. The Persian is a long-haired flat faced cat that originates from Persia and found its way west with traders during the medieval period.

They are calm, low-energy family cats that prefer to be on the ground rather than up high. They are so reluctant to get busy that many consider them to be lazy cats. They have a reputation for being the quintessential lap cat.

They are not clingy, and their low-energy vibe means they are a great cat for a home that is empty for large parts of the day – the Persian won’t care, they just sleep through it! They are also particularly suited for older owners who don’t want a high-energy cat running around the home!

However, this low energy and lack of activity is not great for their health and they have been known to suffer from obesity due to their unwillingness to get active!

They come in a whole range of coat patterns and colors to suit most tastes – if you want a long-haired tortoiseshell cat, a long hair calico cat, or a grey long-haired tabby cat then this is a breed that needs consideration.

Their ongoing and established popularity worldwide means that they are not a rare cat like the Mau might be. 

Norwegian Forest Cat

A charcoal silver and white norwegian forest cat sitting in a garden staring to camera. fluffy grey cat breed.

Another natural breed that comes in a grey color option that is worth considering is the Norwegian Forest Cat. You won’t get one of these in a solid grey coat but the grey tabby variation tends to look grey all over as its tabby markings are hard to distinguish due to its longer fluffy coat.

These cats have a coat that is semi-long, has a woolly undercoat for keeping warm, and a water-shedding outer coat to deal with snowy and wet conditions. They are built for the Norwegian climate.

They have a long history, it is believed that their waterproof coat and confidence around and in water led them to become crew members on Viking raids – making sure vermin did not steal the crew’s rations during the long voyages! They are formidable hunters, this has ensured their popularity with Scandinavian farmers through time and has seen them prosper and survive to the modern era.

They are a high-energy, friendly, and playful breed that is good with people and likes to be in a family environment. 

Apart from their long coats, they are notable for being big cats. In some cases, they can resemble main coon cats for size! So, if a big cat with energy and intelligence is what you are after then this fluffy cat breed might be the cat for you!

Sphynx Cat

close up of a grey and white sphynx cat with blue eyes

If you or a family member suffer from cat allergies, or if you like something a little unusual then a hairless cat like a sphynx cat might be a good option for you.

They come in all sorts of colors and patterns, despite being mostly hairless,  meaning a grey version of this unusual cat is possible.

The breed is a result of a natural genetic mutation similar to that found in the Devon Rex but not quite the same. The breed has developed from different strands of genetics from cats on both sides of the Atlantic.

Due to their hairless nature, some people consider them to be hypoallergenic, but in truth, they still produce the same Fel D1 protein that impacts people with cat allergies, they just don’t have quite as much dander and shed less hair so less of the protein is spread around. 

You might think a hairless cat would be relatively maintenance free but unfortunately, that is not the case. These cats need regular bathing to maintain their skin condition so if you are looking for a low-maintenance cat then this might not be the breed for you.

They are intelligent, social, playful, and loyal cats that love attention and like plenty of action so they may get a little stressed if left alone for long periods of time. 

Apart from their hairless appearance, they have distinctive looks. They have an angular face, large ears, and oval eyes and are quite large, stocky cats. 

Definitely a cat for a family that likes a distinctive-looking cat and doesn’t want to be cleaning up cat hair on a regular basis!

a close up grey british longhair cat with copper colored eyes relaxing in sphynx pose
Blue British Longhair Cat

Other Grey Cats Worth Considering

There are many cat breeds, apart from those mentioned above, that can produce grey cats that look stunning. 

These are some of those breeds that are not necessarily recognized for being grey or blue either in tabby or solid coat patterns commonly, but are certainly recognized in breed standards as being available in these grey or blue color options :

Cornish RexMaine CoonPeterbald
Siberian CatTurkish AngoraAmerican Bobtail
Domestic Shorthair British LonghairTonkinese

Final Words

There are more types of grey cat breeds, but these are some of the most popular and well-loved ones. They have unique personalities and know how to charm a person from their very first meeting. 

If you are looking for a loving pet to take home, you can always search for their parents to know about their attitudes and temperament.